Friday, 31 August 2012


To the very kind readers who enquired: I am taking a break. I did mention this three posts ago, but clearly you are related to my mother, who believes that if I do not report in every day, I must be dead in a ditch. It is very touching that you even notice, let alone mind.

I am driving home now, but still officially on holiday until Monday.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of The Pigeon, visiting her southern relations:

31 Aug 2

31 Aug 5

And here are some of me, so you may have prove of my continuing existence:

31 Aug 6

Luckily, I always take pictures of myself at the Beloved Cousin’s house, because she has two of the most flattering looking-glasses in England:

31 Aug 7

There is something absurd in taking pictures of oneself. But then, I start to realise there is something faintly absurd in almost everything I do. As I told the Old Fella this morning: I have an idiot streak; I must be true to my destiny. (This was when I explained to him that I was going to go via Ludlow to avoid the M6 on a Friday. Actually, I went by Shrewsbury instead. I can’t work out if this is more, or less, silly. Very pretty though.)

Anyway, despite the blatant flakiness of the thing, I like having pictures of myself so, when I am old and wizened, I can see what I looked like in 2012. And occasionally I like showing them to you, so you can put a face to the typing.

31 Aug 9

And now it is especially important so you can see I am, like Flash Gordon, ALIVE.


  1. So glad! I was just thinking of you at the grocery store this morning as I bought my beets, and hoping you were enjoying your vacation. Also, I misread the line about your cousin's flattering looking-glass and thought you meant glasses as in spectacles, which made perfect sense as yours are quite flattering.

    Thank you for the Pigeon photos. She looks lovely with her Southern relations and even lovelier in repose on the floor.

  2. Thank goodness for that :-) Lou x

  3. Looking good through the flattering looking glass. Hope you are enjoying the break and I am looking forward to your return. My two black labs would look right at home with your three. Mine are currently asleep and snoring very loudly.

  4. Bravo for Idiot Streaks, then!

    As someone else sufficiently feeble-minded to be prepared to traverse through Hell and High Water to avoid the M6 (or M5) on a Friday (especially the last weekend of the summer school hols) I think tootling along via Ludlow OR Shrewsbury or indeed any other route that wends through the Marches would utterly do the trick.

    Have you ever sojourned and poked about in and around Much Wenlock, BTW? If not, can recommend. There is a very lovely field usually full of very lovely horses next to the gateway to the Priory ruins which has your name all over it.

    Shall you make Kirby Lonsdale by nightfall? If so, and you read this before bedtime, sleep well and wishing you a safe onward journey, as flight crew put it when one is taxiing to a standstill at the end of a 'plane journey.

  5. happy to meet you in the virtual flesh:-) very nice photo's, the last one speaks volumes and should be your pic if you should ever need to sign up to an online dating site:-)
    Lovely photos of the dogs!
    Welcome back from your holiday for Monday!
    Fiona x

  6. Lovely to see you and the gorgeous Pidge. Have A safe trip home. x

  7. I am sure your lovely skin would still look flawless whatever glass it was reflected in. I note the purple hair has gone.

  8. I agree with taking photos of yourself. We have albums by the shedload of our kids growing up; sadly, they appear to be poor motherless bairns because I was the one taking the pictures. I feature heavily with the newborns then magically reappear at high school graduation. I have resorted to taking photos of myself after reeling from the shock of the harsh evidence of aging.

  9. Will you give us three rings? :)
    Hope you've had a lovely break and welcome home.
    Ta-ta 'til Monday.

  10. I am so glad to be able to put a name to the face! Welcome back.
    From chilly Melbourne!

  11. Oh, these are so lovely of you....all three. I just took an online workshop learning to take photos of myself. I've now decided it is quite a wonderful thing to do.

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  13. I have just hit a very busy / frustrating / manic patch of days, and so I will not say that I didn't miss you, but... well, I just wasn't looking and so did not notice.

    Rest assured that if you had been dead in a ditch, I would have mourned you loudly. When I eventually found out.

    That said, welcome back! I'm sure the load of personal greetings, like the one from taotao, make you so glad you are blogging again. Especially if you're craving some shoes or a handbag.

    I love your hair, your choice of lipstick color, and your earrings! Your face is great... just once, I'd love to see you broken out in an enormous guffaw. Usually only achievable if someone like Oscar Wilde is taking your photo.

  14. Next time, go through Ludlow! It's a favorite stomping ground of mine. You have great hair; I love the color.

  15. Hope your beloved black dog is a far, far better passenger than mine, who throws up for England. Sam the Suitably Sheepish

  16. Looks like we have the same camera. I keep forgetting to use it.
    Happy, zippy, hols.

    Blasted Captcha, I am really beginning to wish it would implode.

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