Friday, 3 August 2012

What a difference a day makes

It was an enchanting family day. There was too much actual life to blog. Garden, relations, horses; my little Lester Piggott going for her blissful ride, with a smile that lit up four counties. The return of The Younger Niece to the compound, cause for jubilation. (The Man in the Hat is working at the Olympics, but is not so far behind.) The sun shone like gangbusters and the Pigeon sunbathed, graciously. The lovely Australian mare, Ortensia, won at Goodwood, with my money on her. I love the brave fillies, and we have had a lot of them this season. I love that they can beat the fellows at their own game. Ortensia was giving the boys weight all round, and she still showed them who was boss, with a devastating turn of foot. I shouted for the Aussies, and felt grateful that they send us their good horses, so we can have the pleasure of them.

It was a good day.

I felt happy.

And now there is a family dinner, the first time in eighteen years that all four brothers and sisters have been together. Eighteen years. We all make stupid jokes and shout and rock with laughter. It’s as if it were yesterday that we were all gathered. Everything changes and nothing changes.


Some quick pictures:

This is what I saw as I drove back from the garden centre. No one can be grumpy when they have this:

3 Aug 1

3 Aug 2

Additions to pot table:

3 Aug 6

3 Aug 7

M the P:

3 Aug 8

Red, blissing out:

3 Aug 9

Pigeon, at her most beautiful and noble:

3 Aug 10


3 Aug 16


  1. Very pleased that the grump passed - isn't that one thing about grumpiness? The fact that it passes. Lovely views. As ever...Lou x

  2. Amen to that Lou - I had the same - yesterday was such a pig, but it passed.
    Love the pot table!

  3. I am pleased your grump passed. It was a beautiful day yesterday. Sunshine on waking and stayed with us most of the day. How could I not be happy? A normal ordinary day (if ever one exists) sunshine and happiness. Plus lots of people smiling yesterday. I am glad you were too.


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