Saturday, 4 August 2012

Saturday pictures

Highland games:




  1. Wonderful photos - there are Highland Games held just down the road from us at Waipu every New Year. Waipu was settled by people from the Highlands.

  2. Oh thank you for these photos! As is true of most English-speaking places, I imagine, we also have Highland Games in Texas-- many, many of them (we also attend a Burns Dinner every year, which always ends with a rousing ceilidh). Scotland has exported itself so durably. What a lovely country you live in! And your girls are looking beautiful as always.

    Susan Heather, not five minutes before I read this my husband started looking at jobs in New Zealand-- I'm sure you could do without a couple of Texans moving there, but we promise to be quiet and good if we ever make it, and we only want to be there because it seems like such a lovely place in so many ways.

  3. Sunshine. You must be ecstatic. Highland games, the girls, family and sunshine. ;-)


  4. My husband proposed to me at the Long Island Scottish Highland Games in Old Westbury Gardens in 2001. The games are a yearly "thing" for us, and I save one of my personal days off from work to go. We eat meat pies and bridies, and dunk them in HP sauce. We listen as the bagpipe bands march through the crowds and also when they compete. We listen as the Celtic folk and rock bands perform on the open air stage, and I enjoy airing my Scottish tattoo and talking with other inked-up attendees about theirs. We also buy our frozen haggis, to make and serve on Rabbie Burns day at our house. Since my husband plays the bagpipes, we have a rousing Burns dinner indeed!

    Last year, unfortunately, we were mandatorily evacuated from our house due to a hurricane on the day of the games, so I hope this year is twice as good!

  5. The Scots are EVERYwhere!

    My mother's maiden name is Frazier. Needless to say, we heard bagpipe music in our Florida household from an early age.

    Trivia add: In Dutch, bagpipes are called "doedelzak".


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