Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Meant to say

What I meant to say, but quite neglected, was a very big thank you for all your exceptionally kind comments of yesterday. I used to try to reply to each comment as it arrived, but the whooshing of time past my ears now means that it is not possible.

So instead I send out a happy, collective shout of thanks. I was very touched.


Here is a bonus picture of Mr Stanley. For some reason, I think he looks almost exactly like Burt Lancaster in From Here to Eternity:

27 March 20


  1. you are right :)

  2. He IS Burt Lancaster! Amazing.

  3. I been away for a while so missed bits but yes he is a good looking dog and I can see Burt Lancaster.

  4. Very glad you're back and have philosophically risen above the turmoil. I would have so missed stories of the animals and, as someone said, Stanley's ears!

  5. I can see it too! Since you started treating us with pictures of Stanley I've been saying to myself that he has the most expressive face of any dog that it has ever been my pleasure to know. Keep on keepin' on!

  6. Was holding my breath last week....contemplating a Taniablogless good to have you back!

    Just read your 04Jul12 posting....wonderful!

    Lee in Iowa

  7. It's all in the eyes ..... can't believe I've been looking at pics of Burt when I should be working!!


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