Thursday, 7 March 2013

Resolutions not kept

As always, the days gallop away from me like a recalcitrant brumby. How do people keep control of the hours? Sometimes I swear I can actually hear the whoosh of time as it flies past my ear.

No lovely little bulletins on the wing, after all that. No swift aperçus, or witty asides.

I could, I suppose, tell you some of my Cheltenham thinking, that I woke this morning convinced that a treble including My Tent or Yours, Pont Alexandre, and Sprinter Sacre was the banker bet of the festival. Except I shall have changed my mind about that by tomorrow, if precedent is anything to go by. (I was slightly floored by meeting a gent today who backed My Tent or Yours at 20-1 ante-post, whilst the best price I can find is now 6-4.)

Instead, here is an entirely random collection of pictures. I was going through the archive for my HorseBack work, and I found this little collection, of sunnier days, before the horses grew their winter fur, when there still was The Pigeon, in the world. The world really is a poorer place without her in it. It still has many joys, and things to look forward to; I still wake at dawn counting off the days till Cheltenham like a child looking forward to Christmas. There is still a great deal of loving and being loved and good jokes and good food and good friendship. But even now, there is a gap, where the dear old Pidge once was.

Not at all sure how I got onto that. Was really just going to say Here are some pictures for you. Anyway, here are some pictures for you:

7 March 1

7 March 2

7 March 3

7 March 5

7 March 7

7 March 8

7 March 8-001

7 March 8-002

7 March 9

7 March 9-001

7 March 10

7 March 11

7 March 12

7 March 13

7 March 14



  1. Ah, The Pidge, I never met her, but I suspect my life might be always the poorer for that.

    My mother has been gone almost 32 years, since I was 25, and the hole she left may have shrunk with time, but never EVER changed its shape. It is a Mummy-shaped hole and there is nothing to be done about it. And there it is.

    Cheltenham will be huge this year, I have a feeling in my water. Get those bets on before the odds dwindle even more, for heaven's sake. I shan't be betting, so I really need to ride your coat tails...

  2. Oh the Darling Pidge. I do miss her. x

    A beautiful selection of pictures - love the cows. :)

  3. Those people and animal shaped gaps... All is as it should be I suspect.

    I can't do Cheltenham on account of a beloved person-shaped gap. Maybe one year, but not yet. I do so hope all who can, do, and enjoy. Oh, the hill, the roar, the ghosts of horses staying on up under the stands. Such glory.

  4. Sorrow never goes away. You know that. You know, too, that the sun will rise and set, seasons will come and go and the loss of a loved one will remain there with you always. I know you know that.

    My grandmother died decades ago. I can't tell you how many times and in how many different ways I have dreamed of her -- all that was and all that could have been. Is it sad? Well, it would be a lot sadder if I didn't have those dreams.

  5. Ohhhh, will you at Pidgeon's SMILE....?!! No wonder she's left such a gap; it reaches out to us all that adorable face and smile....

  6. Oh! The hen, the hen! It's been a long time.


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