Sunday, 10 March 2013


An incredibly sweet weekend with a whole house of relations. There were two of the cousins I really had not seen properly since they were small girls, running around in Italy, brown from the sun. Now they are enchanting and funny and poised young women, filled with life and humour and individuality. It was very touching to see them.

A lot of cooking, a lot of talking, a bit of walking, some singing, the feeding of chickens, some trying on of the Cheltenham outfits. It is going to be three degrees with twenty-mile-an-hour winds gusting in over Cleeve Hill, so I may have to sacrifice chic for comfort. I’m never that chic anyway, so it’s not the end of the world. I sent off to John Lewis for extra thermals and they arrived within 12 hours. That company is a true miracle.

This just arrived. It seems my friend The Pony Whisperer has been giving Stanley the Dog a very special Sunday indeed. I really don’t think he is missing me at all:

10 March 1


  1. I seem to have fallen a bit behind in posts but I can't let this picture of Stanley looking so cuddly pass without comment. Delicious!

  2. Stanley the Dandy looks like he's having the perfect Sunday 'off' without you!


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