Saturday, 31 August 2013

Edward and Stanley

Last week, the Mother and Stepfather took delivery of Edward the Puppy, a Norwich Terrier. You might have thought that Stanley the Dog would have been a bit disconcerted or jealous or growly or territorial. You might have thought tiny Edward would be freaked out by enormous, leaping Stanley. Not a bit of it. They fell in love at first sight and now spend every morning playing games of their own fiendish devising. Edward likes to stand on his hind legs and shadow box Stanley with his little fat paws. Stanley enjoys rolling Edward over and over with his nose.

This morning, there was a new game. You shall see.

They started off with traditional sniffing and exploring:

31 Aug 1

31 Aug 2

31 Aug 3

31 Aug 4

Then, having a rumble, as my friend M always puts it:

31 Aug 5

31 Aug 7

31 Aug 8

31 Aug 9

31 Aug 9-001

Pause for thought:

31 Aug 10


31 Aug 10-001

And the inception of the new game. This is entirely invented by Stanley the Dog. It involves doing top greyhound speed in perfect circles, and JUMPING over Edward in the process:

31 Aug 10-002

Edward gets the gist quickly, and lies very, very still:

31 Aug 11

31 Aug 12

31 Aug 14

Stanley: ‘Look what I DID!!!’ Edward: ‘I’m just going to stay here for a bit, if you don’t mind.’:

31 Aug 15

The good companions:

31 Aug 22

As you know, for some improbable reason I can’t quite identify, everyone on this blog, even the animals, get special pseudonyms. Privacy, I suppose. Stanley was the first person to appear under his own name, because it was so splendid. Edward too gets the same treatment. Mostly because I love the sound of Edward and Stanley. It makes me think of two old-school gents, with bowlers and rolled-up umbrellas.


  1. Seems a dog's life is greatly improved by a companion. Such sweet friends!

  2. Lovely photos! It's always so refreshing to see how well dogs make friends and just get on with things :)

    Jess xo

  3. Will they ever be Stan and Eddie do you think?

  4. What's with you and the jumping beloveds? Perhaps Stanley has been watching Red.

  5. Can't think of a better way to start a Sunday morning than those photos! Rachel

  6. So funny - have you seen the advert "Be more dog"? Stanley and Edward should be on it!

  7. Love this...been away but catching up - good to read such unadulterated dogginess. L x

  8. What a couple...just gorgeous boys. xx

  9. Somehow they remind me of Laurel and Hardy.


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