Friday, 9 August 2013

No blog today.

It’s been a long week, and I have hit the wall.

But I did want to say that the Dear Readers have been particularly dear in the last few days. You have left wise and kind comments, sent dancing tweets which made me laugh, written antic Facebook remarks. I don’t want to descend into Hallmark card territory, but this generous virtual back and forth damn well does warm the cockles of my absurd old heart.

So, thank you.

And here is Stanley the Dog, because I know everyone loves Stanley the Dog:

9 Aug 1 3024x4032

And speaking of dogs, and love, for a convoluted and labyrinthine set of reasons, I really, really missed these old ladies today. The universe, in its funny old wisdom, sent me reminders of them, and I’m not ashamed to say that I shed a bit of a tear. They are in the past, but they live with me still, stitched into my heart:

9 Aug 3 603x768.ORF%255B3%255D

Duch 8th Aug

The Duchess and the Pigeon; really, two of the most beautiful canines that ever graced the good Scottish earth.


  1. Fabulous photo of Stanley, he has so much personality, or so it seems from your photos and blog. And lovely to see the grand ladies again.

  2. I measure my life's span and worth in the the pleasure I have had owning my dogs: past, present and future. I am sure all dog people do the same :)


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