Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday pictures

A very long and very lovely games weekend. Far too tired to write anything, but there is just time for a couple of pictures.

This one made me laugh. It sums up entirely the difference between my two animals. Red, despite being in the middle of doing some work, is virtually asleep. Stanley the Dog has his eager, antic, whizz-about face on. It makes me laugh and laugh:

4 August FB1 600x673

Red also has a sweet new friend. The new friend has had to sell her own horse on account of being away at university, so I offered her Red to ride whenever she is at home in Scotland. They are already having the most lovely time together. It is very touching:

4 Aug 1 4032x2094

And possibly the other most sweet thing was that today, as the family gathered for lunch on the lawn, the great-nieces did a display of highland dancing for us. They are really, really good:

4 Aug 4 4032x3024

The other person who possibly had the best time of all of us was the glorious dog of The Older Niece. She is very fond of her life in the south, but there are no burns for her to swim in where she lives. Here she is, about to go in, waiting for an attentive audience:

4 Aug 5 4032x3024

Which she duly got:

4 Aug 6 3024x4032

And a very quick taste of the dear old games:

4 Aug 6 3024x4032-001

4 Aug 8 2612x1947

4 Aug 9 3024x4032

4 Aug 10 4032x3024

4 Aug 11 3024x4032


  1. My mother (maiden name Frazier) gets goosebumps every time she hears bagpipes.

  2. Your pictures show a weekend of great fun! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. The games! Ours are coming up later this month... canna wait! Looking forward to bagpipes, meat pies, bridies, and HAGGIS!!!!

  4. Love the kilts and the socks are gorgeous!!!! After Marcheline's comment I am interested in the food!

  5. The glorious dog of the Older Niece is a very good shot there. I particularly like the detail of the reflected identity tag in the water - it's gone almost heart-shaped in the ripples. Very lovely all round.


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