Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bonus Post: Best Beloveds

I suddenly realised that I had not put up the traditional Best Beloved pictures. I thought: but today is September 11th. If that day is about remembering anything, it is remembering love. I know that sounds strange, but I still think that love conquered hate that day. You can’t bring down love with jet-liners, you can only destroy buildings. People sent messages of love, helped each other for love, mourned each other with love.

So then, in a kind of frenzy, I thought: I must put up all the Beloveds. I must trawl through the archives and find all my humans.

Finding all my humans, it turns out, would take forever. Which feels sort of symbolic of something, I’m not sure what. A good thing. My heart has a lot of humans.

So I’m just giving you the animals, as usual.

And then I thought: perhaps that is better. Animal love is so simple and easy. Everyone can love a glorious dog, or a beautiful horse, or a sweet pony. Every person can say, as some of the Dear Readers sometimes do: oh, but how I love Stanley’s handsome face.

That’s the clever thing about animals. They are universal. They are the generous receptacles for all that good, human love, even when you have never met them before.

And now I really am rambling. It’s been a long day. I’ll stop, and let you enjoy The Beauty:

11 Sept 30

11 Sept 35

11 Sept 38-001

11 Sept 39

11 Sept 40

11 Sept 41

11 Sept 41-001

11 Sept 43

11 Sept 44

11 Sept 46

11 Sept 56

11 Sept 76

11 Sept 77

11 Sept 99


  1. Your Best Beloveds are Beautiful. xx

  2. Magnificent, beautiful, lovely photos. Thank you.

  3. Yes, Thank you. I don't find my way to your blog often, yet when I do, I enjoy it so.JD


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