Friday, 27 September 2013

Day in pictures

In terms of quality, these are not the best photographs I have ever taken, but there is a sort of sweetness and joy in them which is perfect for the end of a long week.

Stanley the Dog with his small friend:

27 Sept 1

Morning sheep:

27 Sept 2

Mist over the hill:

27 Sept 3

I don’t know what this was, but I rather like it; a little bit of abstract for you:

27 Sept 5

This one is slightly out of focus, but I love the nobility:

27 Sept 8

The red mare is still a bit tender in her shoulder, so we are taking her for gentle morning walks. I completely love it, as you can see from my delirious expression. In fact, The Horse Talker leads her own filly, and I take Red and Stanley, but here I am managing all three in order for the photograph to be taken. Quite a lot of complicated rope action:

27 Sept 8-001

More happiness:

27 Sept 10

What we walked past:

27 Sept 11

At this stage, she was posing for the camera:

27 Sept 12

This one is completely blurry, but I wanted to include it because it expresses well the joy in this simple morning exercise:

27 Sept 14

Also, how amazingly good and clever is Red, just standing on command like that, with her rope over her shoulder? It’s the kind of thing which makes me hysterically proud. Stand, stand, I say seriously, and move off about ten feet, and she DOES NOT MOVE A HOOF.

At this stage, there will be those of you who are saying enough with the red mare. I give you full permission to bash off and read something interesting about psephology or horticulture. It’s a Friday, and I can’t have enough of this beautiful face:

27 Sept 18

One final bit of sweetness. The Horse Talker is pointing to try and get Red to prick her ears and pose for the photograph. We have absolutely no idea what Autumn the Filly is doing, but it’s very funny:

27 Sept 18-001

Really am stopping now.

I’ve written THOUSANDS of words this week and my head is about to come off. I’m going to take the whole weekend for resting; no HorseBack, no blog, no book. I’m going to watch the racing at Newmarket and mooch about with my lovely girl and throw sticks for Stanley the Dog and let my mind go slack. At the moment, it is tight as a drum. I am going to take a big old breath and let everything settle.


  1. Red is a fine looking horse, lovely pictures.

    Merle......... ............ ...........

  2. My semi-wild Gracie won't even let me tend to her puncture wound on her shoulder, but tomorrow, with my husband's return and help, she is going to get it scrubbed and dressed. If I told her to stand, she'd walk right over me. I do wish I knew how to train her. I fed her across the back fence for 2 years, then bought her from the divorcing neighbors who neglected her. She is 5 and a large dapple gray mare, sweet but headstrong. I guess I'm just happy she hasn't bitten me again and that she is lucky to have found a home on our Peaceable Hill Farm.


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