Thursday, 27 February 2014


Going off the blog for a bit. Have to get some serious work done. When I am not tied to my desk, wrangling prose, I shall be in the field, with the good Scottish air on my face, and Stanley the Dog dancing his lurcher dance, and this person, who was at her crest and peak of loveliness and glory and beauty today, and who opened up my bashed old heart and made it fly into the sky.

Every day I think I could not love her more, and every day I do.

27 Feb 1


  1. We shall miss you until you return. Carry on.

  2. Very mentally healthy! You know what you need when you need it. You and your beautiful friend enjoy some time in the wide open spaces.

  3. Enjoy! You'll be missed though so please come back. :) xx

  4. I have been reading your blog religiously for a couple of years...but I have never commented before. I love your descriptions of your beautiful animals...and the stunning scenery...and your honesty...take all the time you need...


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