Tuesday, 25 February 2014

In which the thoughts break for the border.

Oh, I had such a marvellous blog for you today. It wrote itself in my mind this morning, full of light and laughter, signifying everything. It was about life and death and the human heart and the whole damn thing.

And now it is gone.

I do not know where it is gone.

The day took it.

There was a canter this morning on the red mare which was so free and lovely that I leapt off and kissed her all over her sweet white face. She put up with it, although she knows that is not what professional horsewomen do. Then I just hung out with her for a while. We watched the buzzards in the woods.

Then I did 1292 words and HorseBack work and had no time to cook so ate a ham sandwich instead. I quite love a ham sandwich.

I did think about life and death and the whole damn thing and some of the thoughts were not bad. One of them, I seem to think, was even a bit of a Eureka moment. It’s just I can’t remember any of them now.

I’ll sharpen up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here is my lovely love:

25 Feb 1

25 Feb 2

25 Feb 3

25 Feb 5

25 Feb 6

25 Feb 7

25 Feb 8


Oh, how I would love to tell you that she walks towards me like that because I have worked so well with her and understand the equine heart and have made myself mistress of that glorious thing the old horsemen call feel and that really I am another Ray Hunt, in a green Scottish field. I would love to say it is because she knows I am her human and I shall never let her down and that she is stitched into me so that I cannot tell where I end and she begins.

In fact, she is looking at me like that because I have her breakfast.


  1. It's the most important meal of the day. Intelligent Red.

  2. She's a smart girl, that Red. And, I hope you don't mind, the photos of her ambling towards you or dozing are my favourites. :)


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