Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My day gallops off over the horizon. Or, not really a blog at all.

HorseBack ate my day.

There were so many interesting people at HorseBack today, and then so many words to write, and after that so many archive photographs to wade through as part of a tragic cataloguing effort, that my day disappeared in a puff of smoke. Oh, oh, my time management. It does not even deserve the name of time management. It is more time lost down the back of the sofa. And I was doing so well with my blithering twenty minute increments.

Also, I have to tidy up the house, as people are coming, and the state of artistic confusion is not quite as charming as it sounds.

So the day galloped off over the horizon, and I watched it go with regret.

Still, there have been 2992 words of secret project over the last two days, so all is not lost. Even though I did miss the 3.10 at Punchestown. (Luckily, Upsie won.)


The red mare does not care. She adores a day off:

19 Feb 1

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