Wednesday, 8 October 2014


After the storms, Scotland looked very, very beautiful today.

8 Oct 1

8 Oct 2

8 Oct 3

8 Oct 5

8 Oct 6

8 Oct 7

8 Oct 8

8 Oct 8-001

8 Oct 9

The paddock now has a little loch in it:

8 Oct 10

But Herself is all muddy and happy and calm again, now those crazy winds have stopped blowing and she can get her rug off and have a good old loaf in the sunshine:

8 Oct 11

From the garden:

8 Oct 12

8 Oct 14

8 Oct 15

8 Oct 16

8 Oct 17

Focus is all over the shop in this next series, but it’s a sweet little photo essay. Red was doing her Minnie the Moocher walk to come and say hello, whilst Stanley the Dog was sunbathing. I just love Stan the Man being so preoccupied with his serious stick that he does not notice a HUGE RED MARE right behind him:

8 Oct FB1

8 Oct 18

8 Oct 19

8 Oct 20

8 Oct 21

Also, what makes me laugh is that the duchess can’t be fagged to go round, but insists that the young shaver gets out of her regal way.

Also, for those of you interested in herd behaviour, and I know that number runs into legions, the red mare is giving a perfect lesson in pressure-release. Ask once, gently. If there is no response, ask again, more firmly. THEN REALLY MEAN IT. At once release the pressure when the desired result is achieved. She’s been watching her Warwick Schiller videos. Clever girl.


  1. Today WAS lovely after all that rain. These are such a beautiful collection of photos, they speak volumes!

  2. Your Scotland is ALWAYS beautiful and your photos are just lovely.
    And even without your words you could see clearly that Red was going to walk exactly where Stan was sunbathing, no matter what!

    PS. Best wishes to your Mother x

  3. I was wondering about the hill. It looks grand. Any of the 'Beech Avenue' just to keep this Southerner happy?! L x

  4. What stunning's one of those late sunny October afternoons in London today but it doesn't even compare to where you are :)


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