Friday, 3 October 2014

Forgive me.

I had planned to start blogging again this week, but I found myself rather drained after my deadline madness, and there was a lot of work to catch up on at HorseBack UK, and I gave myself the gift of extra time with the red mare. (Who has been so delightful and sweet and angelic in the last few days that I need someone to invent a whole new thesaurus with novel words for glorious in it.)

I also found that, in order to retrench, I wanted time off from the internet. I adore the internet and do not join in with the cheap chorus of doom which reduces Facebook and Twitter to narcissistic vapidity. I think there are many things of worth to be found there – good jokes, poignant slices of real life, moments of arresting wisdom, and shining photographic beauty. But its constant clamour can be wearing for an introvert like me, so, apart from the odd post and random racing Tweet, I’ve been mostly reverting to the slow Scottish world of fields and mud and trees and hills.

Also, my dear mum has been in the hospital again. She is home now and on the mend, but that immediate aspect of real life has claimed me.

I do love this funny little space and the kind readers who come here, and I shall be back to full speed on Monday.

In the meantime, here is some Stan the Man loveliness for you:

3 Oct 1


  1. Stan has to be the most photogenic dog on the planet. Perfect pics always and I love to see him with his sticks (logs).

  2. He is a very elegant dog, with the loveliest coat. The sheen of those markings is almost hypnotic!

  3. Stan the man is all we need on a friday.

  4. I feel reassured on reading that your mother is well looked after in your corner of Scotland, and glad too that she now on the mend. Please tell her that I wish her well!
    I know that there are times when the only right and sensible option is real life, so stay in the present for as long as you will. None of these moments you will ever regret.

  5. Take all the time you need...sometimes the web is not the place you need to be. But when you are here, your corner of Scotland, with the Red Mare and Stanley the Dog and talk of racing give me such pleasure...I wish your mother a full recovery.

  6. Lovely Stan... I want to pet that part of his neck where the hair grows together from two different directions. I know exactly what that would feel like.

    Best to your mum, hope she's feeling much better!

  7. Time with your Mum and your beautiful red mare is precious, you never need to apologise. Make the most of every minute and enjoy.


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