Thursday, 28 May 2015


Despite having enjoyed myself vastly when I took time out from the internet, this week I really, really wanted to use it. Laughing at me, it turned itself off. Apparently our local connection is being upgraded, or some such thing, which meant that there was no internet at all for two whole days, and then, when it would come tauntingly back on, it would either go all glitchy and scratchy, so nothing useful could get done, or hold firm for about ten minutes before running off again to join the circus.

It’s driving me mad.

That is why there has been no blogging. Forgive me. I’m hoping now we are back in business and that normal service shall be resumed.

In the meantime, the weather is fine and the red mare is keeping me sane by doing work of such delicacy, beauty, composure and softness that I am almost starting to believe that the dressage squirrels which exist as a joke in my mind are in fact real, and have been coming in the night. Actual whoops of joy may be heard daily echoing off the dear Scottish hills, and she gets a sweet, secret look of satisfaction on her face, as if she is thinking to herself that she knew this brilliance all along, and was just waiting until I was ready for it.

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