Friday, 1 May 2015


A long week, and I have no words left. Here are some pictures for you instead. The polar plume seems to have blown itself out and the oystercatchers are singing like drunken sailors and it feels as if spring has finally sprung. I’m just waiting for the swallows now, and the thing will be complete.

1 May 1 3456x4608

1 May 2 4608x3456

1 May 3 4608x3456

1 May 3 4608x3456-001


1 May 4 2920x3028

1 May 5 4608x3456

1 May 7 4608x3456

1 May 8 3456x4608

1 May 9 4608x3456

1 May 10 4440x3155

1 May 11 4608x3456

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