Thursday, 15 October 2015

Back next week.

I’m away from home, which is why I have been absent from the blog. I always think I can go out into the world and drive about and do life and still write something every day, and I always find I can’t. There are too many things to see, too many old friends to meet, too many conversations to be had. I am staying with my cousin, and we famously start talking the moment I get out of the car, continue talking each day from dawn till dusk, and are still talking as I get into the motor to drive away home. There is always so much to catch up with, so much to thrash out, so much to define and decipher.

Those friendships are worth more than diamonds to me.

I have also recklessly acquired a new puppy and a new pony, both from the Beloved Cousin. The puppy, who is twelve days old and has just opened his eyes, will come home near to Christmas, and the pony, a little thoroughbred mare who was once a sprinter and then a polo pony, will be collected next Tuesday and get to Scotland on Thursday afternoon.

I’m beside myself.

So, you can see that there is quite a lot of life going on, and since I am training myself to be a realist, I must confess that I shan’t be back in full blogging harness for a week. (I laugh as I write this. Who could possibly mind? What can it matter? Yet I feel that somewhere out there in the dark The Dear Readers expect.)


In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures for you:

Darwin the puppy. He was named by my smallest cousin. When I heard the name, I blurted out, without thinking: ‘But that’s splendid, because I love evolution.’ I’m not sure one can love evolution, or even if one should. Evolution just is. But I do think about it a lot and it does interest me vastly and so the whole thing seems written in the stars. If I believed in things being written in the stars, which I don’t:

15 Oct 1 5184x3456

Part of the herd I see each morning:

15 Oct 2 5170x3174

My lovely new girl. She was very brilliant at polo, but her playing days are over. She’s going to have a gentle life with me and the red mare, and I’m hoping that the family will ride her and she will be a real communal horse. She loves people and adores children and days filled with company will suit her well:

15 Oct 3 3456x5184

The clever mamma of the new puppy. She is very like one of my dear old ladies and I’ve always hoped that if she did have puppies, I could take one home. And so it came about:

15 Oct 4 5184x3456

15 Oct 5 5184x3456

The herd like looking across the orchard. The mare on the right is one of the best playing ponies who has ever lived in these meadows. She is called Legend and she is well named. When she is out on the field of play, hardened old pros catch their breath and nod their heads in awe and wonder:

15 Oct 6 3435x4244

15 Oct 7 5184x3456

The Beloved Cousin’s husband does polo, in about three different ways, for his job. He is a gifted horseman, one of the finest I ever saw, and his eye for a horse is unmatched. That’s why I love spending time with his herd, because they are all such raving beauties and all such very nice people. The red mare came from here, and now my sweet new girl, and, if I ever go completely bonkers and decide I need a third, it is here that I shall come. Looking at this glorious face, you can see why:

15 Oct 8 3456x5184

15 Oct 9 5184x3456


  1. Oh, your new girl is so sweet!! I shall look forwards to her appearances in the blog & some guest spots on the Red Mare's page as I'm sure such a genteel duchess will graciously introduce her new friend :-)

  2. A new puppy and a new pony! All at once! That is so exciting. They are both beautiful - the puppy will win the Adorable Olympics for sure. Hope you're holiday is lovely, Rachel

  3. Delighted to read this...and whilst I don't 'expect' to see (as representing the Dear Readers) It is always a lovely thing to see you have written. Enjoy the gallivanting and as for the new family members: just wonderful. L x

  4. Oh how exciting! Please may we have horses back on the blog now? I agree with Lou: I'm not England but I do love to read your writing here. x

  5. What darlings. So looking forward to becoming friends with them.

  6. I see a lot of bloggers apologising about stepping away for a little while. I never do it ... [apologise I mean] makes me wonder if I'm ruder than everyone else!

    I'm not a horse or dog person and yet ... your photos always beautifully capture the fact that you obviously are!

    Enjoy your break!

  7. That puppy reminds me of Pidge and The Duchess! I can't wait to watch this puppy grow up...and a new pony...Red will be happy...

  8. Wow - congrats on Darwin (how do you keep from just eating him up on a spoon?) and the new pony! I suppose a girl has to have a crew cut if she plays polo, but here's hoping you let her locks flow a bit once she's hanging out with Red, Stanley, and the gang.

    Side note: I've always been a bit confused at the term "pony" used for horses large enough for grown men to ride... to me, a pony is always Myfanwy-sized. Is there anything technical or scientific which makes a pony a pony and a horse a horse?

    1. P.S.2 If you start singing "A horse is a horse, of course, of course..." I shall have to come over there and throw a cream pie at you. 8-)

  9. A PUPPY! How lovely. I am very excited.x

  10. Ooooh, look at that bundle of soft fur and that dark beauty. How exciting! Welcome, welcome, welcome!

    Have a wonderful time away. And, if I may, as a Dear Reader it's never about 'expecting', more 'always look forward to'. xx


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