Saturday, 27 March 2010

A little light housekeeping


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

First of all: a huge, fat, ocean-going thank you for all your lovely comments. I don't think I tell you enough how much I love them. They make me smile, think, laugh, and sometimes BLUSH with pleasure. I am endlessly struck by your generosity.

I do, however, suffer from some angst on this subject. When I started out, I tried to reply to every single comment. I could see from the blogs I most liked and admired that this seemed to be correct blogging etiquette. The problem is that I find I don't have enough time now to answer them all, so I have slightly stopped answering at all, since I worry that if I reply to some and not others it will seem as if I am indulging in ghastly favouritism. (You may think I am being a little nuts about this, but it really does make me fret. Blame my dear old mum, for bringing me up to mind my Ps and Qs.)

I wonder if any of you have strong feelings about this? Or helpful suggestions, hints or even jeremiads. In the meantime, I apologise if you should feel even the tiniest breeze of neglect. I avidly read and adore all your comments, and remain eternally grateful for you to take the time to write them. It constantly amazes me that in all the months I have been writing this blog, I have only had one nasty one, and even that was really only mildly sardonic. (Sarah will tell you I am absurdly oversensitive.)

Second huge official thank you is: to all those of you who so sweetly link to my posts on Twitter. I have been neglectful of Twitter lately (time gets the better of me again) and so if I have not thanked anyone for kind linkage, I am sorry. The gratitude is absolutely there, even if not explicitly stated. I particularly appreciate this kindness of strangers because I do not put up links to my own posts on Twitter. I have the most idiotic idea that it might seem as if I am showing off in some way. I know this is empirically wrong, but I can't quite shake it.

Third apology: I do not link nearly enough to Sarah's pieces in The Times. As you know, she does not have the physical space in her day to come and write here, but it is her blog too, and it is my responsibility to make sure you get to read her work. This shall be remedied.

And finally, a request. I am always looking for blogs which have beautiful photographs on them. I love the written ones, but I sometimes crave the visual. Occasionally, I go to the Google and just type 'beautiful blogs', but this does not get me very far, and sometimes leads to terrifying cul de sacs featuring naked women. Any suggestions would be delightful.

I hope you are having a heavenly Saturday. The sun is finally shining here after a week of rain and dirty skies, and the woodpecker is drilling his head off in the west wood. I have given myself permission to do: absolutely nothing.


There are two pictures of the day, because sometimes I think all you need in life is a zebra and Audrey Hepburn in a red dress. Sometimes at the very same time:


Audrey Hepburn

(Zebra by Ludmila Yilmaz; Audrey, photographer unknown.)


And, as promised, Sarah in today's Times on lists, madness and the balance between work and life:


  1. Yes, I've often thought similarly -- about a zebra and Audrey Hepburn in a red dress ;-) -- but you beat me to it. Perfection.


  2. Dear Tania: I've only recently discovered your blog and love it! You asked for beautiful pictures; have a look at my blog which has my own photos of whatever I see that I love for home. Hope you like it!

  3. Personally, I don't care if comments aren't replied to! I wouldn't fret about it. I'm just sorry I don't comment more because I just adore this blog, always so beautifully written and thought provoking. But as I'm nowhere near as eloquent as you, I'm bashful of commenting all the time!

  4. I try to comment (on my comments) - it's a bit like sending a thank you note - but you're right sometimes it's not possible to reply to all of them, so if I don't have time I just pick out a couple. I do think it's important to interact with your followers though - to keep chatting to new virtual friends!

  5. Do what you like, just keep putting up doggy pics from time to time. That's more encouragement than a personally crafted comment.

    I'm of the view that blogging etiquette is generally nonsense, and have written at length in defence of 'demure spectatorship' (or lurking, as it's oft perjoratively referred to.)

    No sooner has a new social technology evolved than there are people trying to tell you you're getting it wrong. People need to remember this is the internet, and so long as you're not doing anything illegal then they've got no say in the matter.

    Personally I hate overt compliments. Something very British in me cringes at a core level in the presence of praise, and so I've declined to pass on those praisey bloggy chain-mail prize things. I just can't. This may make me look rude, but it's an authentic response. C'est la vie.

  6. I have your book (slight disgression: burning bush is just the Hermes colour, nought else), and also your previous novels.

    I might have sometimes posted things not to your liking but I would hope the sardonic stuff was not from me. I haven't quite got the hang or indeed joined in on the blogosphere.

    But I do check every day on your blog, no matter how silly I might be, and would not take offense if I posted a comment and indeed you did not answer.

  7. The Audrey picture is a still from Funny Face, so the credit could belong to Stanley Donen for directing, or Ray June for the cinematography, perhaps. IMBD credits Bill Avery as still photographer.
    Regardless, it's Audrey in a red dress.

  8. hello!

    Re comments I think you are right, either reply to all or none- or very occasional replying about factual things/ to give updates

    that dress with the red sash- that whole picture is stunning

    This blog is pretty visually- though quite girly

  9. For photoblogs, I really like

    The blogger posts one picture per day, often quite urban shots as he is located in Toronto. I really like the moments of beauty mixed with a bit of grit.

  10. Thank you all so much for lovely and helpful comments. Excellent food for thought. I think I AM going to try and do a bit more replying to comments, but hope you will forgive and understand if it is slightly intermittent.

    In the meantime - love and thanks.


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