Friday, 26 March 2010

Oh, you pretty things

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

There are at least seventeen things I got very cross about this week. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, by the intemperate arguments over Israel, the demoralising tarting about of certain British members of parliament, the horror that has been going on in the Catholic Church, and the increasing extremism of the Republican Party in America. I even got grumpy with my beloved BBC when it ran an item on President Obama passing his healthcare bill, and got on two furious right-wingers to explain what a disaster the whole thing was. I know it is not the remit of the BBC to act as a cheerleader for Democratic presidents, but, however flawed the bill might be, it was a historic achievement, and I felt a moment of respect might be paid before the bitching started.

I was horrified when the black congressman and civil rights hero (not too strong a word for someone beaten with sticks on the bridge at Selma, Alabama) John Lewis was called a 'nigger' as he walked up the steps of the Capitol to vote on the bill. The gay congressman Barney Frank was called a 'fag'. Bart Stupak was called a 'baby killer' on the floor of the House (and we think Prime Minister's Questions is a bear pit). He also got a charming message from a gentleman who hoped he would 'bleed out of his ass and die'. Some of those pro-lifers are so pro life. By the time we got to a Harris poll which found that 24% of GOP members believe that Barack Obama 'may be the Anti-Christ', I had run out of outrage. I went to the shop for some more, but it was closed.

I could write about all that, but you know what? I'm not going to. Let all the haters do their hating and shouting and deathing without me. Other, more talented writers have covered it all anyway. (I refer you to the lovely Mr Tomasky and the always stimulating Andrew Sullivan.) Instead I am going to put up some pretty pictures to gaze at, because sometimes a little aesthetic stimulation is what is needed to cleanse the palate. My favourite fact of the week is that, when at Eton, George Orwell attempted to invoke a 'rule of love' in his house, which would replace all the other rules. In honour of the rule of love, which I think is the most excellent rule I ever heard, I am giving you some of the things I am loving, just at the moment.

From Design Sponge:

Lovely interior from Design Sponge

Glorious spring flowers, and piles of blue books. Who could ask for anything more? (I admit the light fitting is a slight mistake, but I refuse to dwell on it.)

From a Mr Brian Clarke:

Glen Affric by Brian Clark

This is Glen Affric. This is not very far from where I live. Imagine the great good fortune to dwell in such a country.

By Olympist, on Panoramio:

Turkey by Olympist on Panoramio

A truly splendid house in Turkey. I wish Mr Olympist had said exactly where. I imagine some tremendous old Turkish diva living there, getting ready for her close-up.

From the Nothing Elegant blog:

society woman from Nothing Elegant blog

I know almost nothing about fashion, but I know the power of a red sash when I see one.

From Rita Konig:

Lovely interior from Rita Konig

An amazingly restful white room. I have far too many things ever to achieve a room like this, but I feel a keen pleasure as my eyes fall upon it.

From Zack Sheppard:

On August 7, 2003, the Aqua MODIS instrument acquired this image of Ireland on the first day this summer that most of the island hasn´t been completely obscured by cloud cover. Called the Emerald Isle for a good reason, Ireland is draped in vibrant shades of green amidst the blue Atlantic Ocean and Celtic (south) and Irish (east) Seas. Faint ribbons of blue-green phytoplankton drift in the waters of the Celtic Sea, just south of Dublin.
Dublin itself appears as a large grayish-brown spot on the Republic of Ireland´s northeastern coast. This large capital city (population 1.12 million) sits on the River Liffey, effectively splitting the city in half. Northern Ireland´s capital city, Belfast, also sits on a river: the River Lagan. This city, though its population is only a fifth of the size of Dublin´s, is also clearly visible in the image as a grayish-brown spot on the coast of the Irish Sea.

Sensor Aqua/MODIS

Credit Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC

For more information go to:

This is Ireland, as photographed by NASA. It really is emerald.

From Aubrey Road:

Lovely interior from Aubrey Road

I must admit I do have a secret yearning for a really good drinks tray, especially one as chic as this.

From Home Sweet Home:

Lovely interior from Home Sweet Home

There. My word of the day, writ large. With roses.

And finally, from me:

dogs 004

As you can see, we have a visitor. She is my niece's dog. Do you think she is having a nice enough time while her humans are away?

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hello. I am loving the things your are loving - especially the restful bedroom. Oh to have fewer things in life...

  2. It's all lovely. (Well, not the IDIOTS in America.)


    THE BABIES and their glossy coats

    Posetta says woofs to the country dogs.


  3. Ireland reminds me of my wee dog Dougal (when asleep). Not green though - he's a lovely teddy bear colour.

  4. Pure heaven = cuddled up on that sofa with those 3 heavenly dogs! Now that's what life is all about - its as simple as that. xxx

  5. Here's to pretty things when some corners of the world are wallowing in an ugly quagmire! Appreciating the scrumptious in murky times is a noble art!
    (And I can't wait to one day have a dog...sigh...)

  6. Well done for attacking the shits (and that is all I can think of them as at the moment) with lots of goodness!

    And the dogs are lovely, lovely. My own hound appreciates a good sofa herself.


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