Monday, 3 May 2010

At Last

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The blossom has arrived. I cannot tell you what a banner day this is. I have been looking enviously at pictures from the south, all gaudy and verdant and fecund. Now, at last, our tiny white cherry flowers are starting to unfurl. The horse chestnuts have their first fledgling leaves, and even the beeches are showing signs of life.

The dogs and I just went out into the amber evening light, and there was blossom:

May 3rd 011

And green leaves:

May 3rd 012

And the glory of the dry stone wall, of which you know I never tire:

May 3rd 005

And more blossom:

May 3rd 014

And the light dying on the hill:

May 3rd 019

And, of course, two exceptionally photogenic old ladies:

May 3rd 026

May 3rd 033

May 3rd 035

It was all very calm and quiet and the election felt a long way away.

Talking of the election: I have no deep political thoughts today, except that I cannot see how all this is going to end, not just on Friday morning, but in the long run. The only thing I would say is that I am growing a little weary of hearing all the party leaders devote their entire pitch to 'ordinary hard-working families'. I am not sure I qualify. I start to yearn for a party which would like to appeal to cussed single feminists with dogs.

Happy bank holiday.

PS Oh, meant to say - Virginia the Pig SURVIVED. It was a horrid mystery illness and we still are not sure quite what ailed her. She took on a terrible death rattle at one stage, but the tough old dear pulled through. I took her apples this morning and she looked really quite perky.

PPS Did I thank properly for all the incredibly kind comments about the book? Thank you, thank you.

PPPS Sarah was on Woman's Hour this morning. Do go and listen if you can get the iplayer. I think she has the most magnificent radio voice.


  1. If you start the party, I'll join! Well, as long as having a dog isn't a prerequisite for membership (I'm a cat person). So sick of politicians aiming virtually every policy at families - what about the rest of us?!

  2. So glad to hear the good news about Virginia! :) I've been wondering and hoping she would make a recovery, I unapologetically such a softy, but I adore animals, do you know, the photographs of your beautiful ladies lift my heart whenever I see them.
    Anne x x x
    PS-I've just pulled a beautiful brown bloomer out of the oven - I only wish I could attach a photograph to convey the wonderful smell and bready warmth to you.

  3. Wonderful news about Virginia!

    On PM on Saturday, Eddie Mair was talking to listeners who had sent in questions they felt weren't being addressed in the campaign, and one of them was a marvelous lady who wanted to know what the parties had to offer middle aged single workers. And even after PM going and asking the parties, she felt they hadn't answered the question at all. I agree with her, and it's another reason I'm fed up with all of them. Why should I vote for them when they don't care enough about me to be able to point at one policy that will help me, directly?

  4. Very happy about pig! how nice! and i heard Sarah!

  5. Great news about your pig ;-)

    And the blossom. I cut a huge bunch of flowers yesterday - all from the greenhouse - freesias, tulips and bluebells.

    My downstairs hall now smells of Spring


  6. Thank you all for lovely comments and well wishes for the dear pig. x


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