Wednesday, 12 May 2010

In which I collapse in heap

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I am exhausted by all that politics. Never have so many constitutional niceties and psephological calculations jostled for room in such a goofy brain. Also, I have been working at the weekends and am fretting about my book. So, my darlings, I am going to take a few days off. No writing, no blogging, quite possibly no thinking.

In the meantime, thank you all for your wonderful comments over the last few days, and bearing with me while I went all geeky on your ass.

I know some of you are filled with doubt and trepidation. I, idiotically optimistic to the last, am going to choose to have faith in the New Politics. It is really new. I still think this novel coalition might bring out the best in all parties. The small-L liberal in me likes the idea of a little more compromise and moderation, instead of yah-boo tribalism. I wish, of course, there were more WOMEN, but you can't always get every single last thing you want.

The economic times are grave, so it will not be all coming up

Good Friday 190

but - who knows? - it might not be a bed of thorns either.


  1. Have a good break, it looks like some of the politicians could do with one too, have you seen the blood shot eyes of our new Deputy PM?

    I too have been fascinated by the new politics and am actually quite excited about the new coalition. I even bought myself something totally frivolous and unplanned and not at all needed while in town today. Just for the sake of the economy, you understand.

    Helena xx

  2. I've really enjoyed your political blog posts. It was so refreshing to get a woman's take on the election over the past few weeks. Have a good break! xxx

  3. Enjoy your rest!

    I'm trying to be optimistic. Trying very hard, but summoning any faith in the Tories is difficult, whatever compromises they appear to have made.

  4. I love the political stuff. I am also optimistic as the two of the three Ministers who have most influence on my work life are on the sane wing of the Tories. See you on the flip side.

  5. HI Tania - this has been quite tiring ! I have really been enjoying your writing - thank you. Like you I am an absurd optimist and I look to the future with optimism. Ut is new and just a little exciting. Rest up.xx

  6. Have a lovely break. I feel like we could all do with one - reading every single paper and website obsessively for a week with endless rushing to the BBC for news updates has left me in need of a day AWAY FROM A SCREEN...

  7. I shall miss your political posts but I think you need a break by now! Its going to be interesting to see how the new coalition plays out.

  8. I know you are 'taking a break' - when you return there is a little cheeky award for you on my blog. Louise x

  9. I am being optimistic about it all- I want to believe in them- I want them to try- and so far I have been reasonably impressed actually. They are the government now, i will judge them on what they do, not what they stand for and not what pre conceived ideas I have.

    Enjoy your break

  10. Thank you all so much for unbelievably kind and heart-warming comments. Am back now, and very happy to return. xx


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