Friday, 7 May 2010

The Morning After

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

After all that, it has turned into the most dazzling sunshiny day. If I were feeling only very slightly more flaky than I actually am, I would say that it was the universe, telling us it will all turn out for the best. Dr Pangloss, reporting for duty.

I stayed up until seven, because I've never seen such a curious and unpredictable election in my whole wide life. I went to bed and dozed until ten-thirty, when I woke up to find that David Dimbleby was still on the air, box fresh, in his elegant purple tie. I heard the words 'hung parliament' and 'constitutional precedent' and went back to dozing. At noon, The Dimble was still going. Paxo also appeared to be up. My mother called: 'These old men,' she said, 'surely someone should tell them to go to bed.'

'Yes,' I said. 'Quite right.'

'Well,' she said. 'I'm off to see a man about a foot.'

I am far too goofy to have any useful thoughts about last night. My only faint notion is that, despite the Clegg bubble popping, we might find that we end up with a new politics after all. None of the parties quite did what they should. Perhaps it will have a transformative effect.

In the meantime, I leave you with a lovely green collage on which to rest your poor tired eyes:

Green Collage post election


Happy Friday.


  1. Hello. I always enjoy your green collages! And I agree - I switched on this morning thinking 'haven't they had a wink of sleep yet?' Surely there's a 'b' team of broadcasters? Interesting times... L x

  2. 15:41 and they have finally stopped. I need whatever they have had. Cant believe Clegg may be going to deal with Cameron - its not going down well with the LibDem voters in this house.
    Loving the collage - the Green win in Brighton was a high point for me with Evan Harris's defeat the lowest.

  3. it's been such a strange night/ day. I slept between 2 and 6am because I was exhausted and I know I had to work but I hated missing. Then I have been watching a tiny Dimbleby with no sound all day at work and twitter has been amazing.

    The whole thing is fascinating- I have no idea what will happen but I am trying not to think badly.

    The real story here though is Dimbleby's stamina!

  4. It has been a fascinating night, and day. I share your concern for the poor BBC team, although none of them looked as if they'd been working for 17 hours.
    I think Nick Clegg is doing the right thing in talking to David Cameron, who does have the most seats and largest share of the vote. Will be very sad if they come to an agreement that doesn't include a referendum on electoral reform. I'm waiting to see what happens and keeping my fingers tightly crossed.

  5. I stayed up til six. I was also most surprised when I woke up again to see Dimbleby still going, looking immaculate. I wondered whether he'd had a cheeky sleep, but no. xx

  6. Dear Tania,
    Will you share your technique for making such beautiful photo collages? I know it's beside the point, but I'm somewhat Panglossian myself.
    Miss W

  7. So funny to think of us all staying up all night worrying about David Dimbleby.

    Lovely comments as always, thank you.

    And dear Miss W - I downloaded some free software called Picasa, where you can store all your pictures, and it has a collage feature. Took me ages to work it out, but I expect you are cleverer with technical things than I. xx


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