Friday, 21 May 2010

A rather slender Friday

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I wanted to do a big meaty, round-up of the week kind of post for you today, but I have just done 1300 words of book and my brain is about to fall out of my ears. I never quite understand how just thinking and then translating those thoughts onto a page can be so tiring. I often tell myself that I am not working in a factory, or down a mine, or digging up crops from the fields; there is no call for this level of physical exhaustion from simply sitting at a desk. The fact remains that on days when I do a fast, concentrated run of work like this, I am left good for absolutely nothing.

So I do apologise.

Instead, here are a few more photographs from my heavenly new Olympus EPL1. (EPL1 is such a bloodless name. Could they not have called it the Olympus Miracle, or the Olympus Genius, or the Olympus Completely Bloody Marvellous? Perhaps EPL stands for Excessively Pleasing Loveliness. It could do.)


I love this because even though it is not a well-composed picture, and appears to be leaning at a slightly drunken angle, and is, let's face it, not quite in focus, it makes my ordinary old room look like something from one of the Bloomsberries. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Look, look, the very first chive is flowering.


That, believe it or not, is just the dried up old head of last year's marjoram, which I should have snapped off by now, because it is unsightly. But under the gaze of the Olympus Miracle it suddenly looks rare and delicate and exotic.


Now I'm just poncing about. There really is no excuse for it at all.


I really wasn't going to torture you with yet more dog pictures today. But she looks so pretty with the sunlight on her ear.


And to keep things fair, we must have the other one too, otherwise I'll never hear the end of it.


One final little phlox, in honour of spring.

Happy Friday.

Now I am going to sit very, very still and give my brain time to regenerate.


  1. People underestimate how hard writing actually is. I have been trying to write a book for 4-5 years and it's's particularly hard finding motivation to sit down and do some work at times!

    I love the photos, they're beautiful.

  2. Spangle - how kind you are. So nice to know I am not the only one with the exhaustion.

  3. lovely post, lady olympus is indeed magical and your photos lovely especially your gorgeous dogs who let's face it probably make lady olympus task much easier

    hope your neurons are having a good break and pumping up for the next writing marathon

    liz from Paris

  4. You must be delighted with the new Olympus. They're all good but the flower pictures look particularly professional! Very impressed. I've managed to lose my manual... again! Any excuse xx

  5. Love the doggies. Love the flowers. Keep it coming, babycakes.
    All work and no play is absolutely boring, hideous & horrible. And, keep camera at the ready at all times; one never knows what one will capture on film. xx's


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