Saturday, 21 August 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Sarah and her family are coming to stay on Thursday and I am in full-blown hostess panic. This is nuts, since if there is one person in the world you cannot impress, it is your co-writer. She sees me straight and she sees me curly, as the great Nanci Griffith once sang. Still, I can't break every single habit of a lifetime, overnight. The house must look lovely. I even dashed to the garden place and bought some more roses and lavender, to fill in the gaps in the flowerbeds.

I am beginning menu plans. Lovely Italian feasts is going to be the theme, with many dishes, so that everyone can take a little bit of what they fancy. I am hoping for sun, so that we might picnic under the pines. But this is Scotland, so more likely I shall have to turn the heating back on and we shall end up eating stew, to keep the cold out.

A very quick trip round the garden, and then I must get on:








Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Judging by your previous posts about food and guests coming it will be wonderful. I love all the food you make. I made that pork and all the Italian vegetables a while ago after seeing it on your blog. It looked so good in your pictures. It was a great success, so thank you for that xx

  2. There's a great recipe in Jamie's Italian which I've adapted a bit: Get some whole squid and cut into rings. Fry in olive oil with garlic until opaque, remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and keep warm. Pour in a little more oil and add breadcrumbs and chilli flakes until golden and toasty, then tip over the squid and finish with a good squeeze of 7 of lemon and salt. Really good to pick at while you're doing something main-course-y.
    And I notice Miss Whistle's got a really nice recipe for a homemade ricotta which may send you screaming for the burn or may be something you do, say, tomorrow, and then have it in the fridge.

  3. Yes, speaking of the wonderful Nanci Griffith, she also has a great song asking her lover to talk to her when she's listening, not tell her something in the dark when she's sleeping. Strikes a chord or three with me!

  4. I suggest a chanterelle hunt;such fun and then supper is easy, a risotto naturally follows.Maxim's (No 6) easy peasy guidelines are on my blog (July)


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