Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Things I do not understand, No 2

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Remember how I was going to do a whole series on things I did not understand? Well, obviously, I quite forgot about that. But it is never too late for resurrection. So here goes:

I do not understand the hysterical reaction to the proposed mosque and Islamic centre two blocks away from the site of the Twin Towers. Mrs Palin has already done some enchanting tweeting about how it 'stabs' her in the heart. (Why? Why?) She asks 'peace-loving Muslims' to 'refudiate'. Kudos for the tremendous neologism, but ZERO POINTS FOR LOGIC. As always, I apologise for excess capitals, but sometimes even italics are not enough. The inexplicable Newt Gingrich has called it a cultural assault. Television anchors are saying that they understand why it would make people cross and sad. But why do they? The only logical reason to oppose such a centre would be if you actually believed that all Muslims were responsible for what happened on 9/11. If Al Qaeda opened a branch office in downtown Manhattan, that would be something to protest about. As it is, it appears that people who should know better are wilfully conflating Islam with Islamism. It seems to me very important not to blame an entire group of people for the actions of its extreme fringe. Otherwise it's mad thin end of the wedge, and open season for prejudice and bigotry.

I don't understand where the time goes. Just saying.

I don't understand why anyone thought it would be a good idea to hinge a whole war crimes trial on the testimony of a supermodel. Also, I am slightly baffled why Miss Naomi Campbell would attempt to confirm all modelly stereotypes by stating, in a rather bored voice, that she had never even heard of blood diamonds. I know she was under oath, but even so.

That's probably enough to be going on with. Here are some more pictures of flowers, because you know I don't give you nearly enough of those:





And, lovely canines, as a special Tuesday treat:



And finally: an apology. You have left such delightful comments in the last few days and I have been hopeless about replying. Please forgive. You know that I love and appreciate all the messages you leave. Thank you.


  1. I saw that Naomi Campbell hadn't somehow clocked on to the phenomenon of blood diamonds, but it doesn't quite square with her alleged widespread African charity work... I might well have forgiven her for not knowing where Liberia is, but blood diamonds... hmmm.
    And do keep up with the flower pics - your colour contrast is lovely - very cheering.

  2. Ah yes, the culture of fear and the culture of stupidity, both still going strong unfortunately. Thank jebus for lovely flowers so we have a distraction.

  3. How are the mystery pots developing? I've been meaning to ask for ages now.

  4. Jo - YES, had quite forgotten about the African charity work. Perhaps she was having a little modelly joke. So glad you like the flowers.

    Cybill - excellent phrase, the culture of fear and stupidity. Does always make me sad though. Thank heaven for the flowers.

    Alex - mystery pots are actually growing, but VERY VERY slowly. They are starting to look like they might be parsley, but are still only a centimetre high. Am beginning to think I might have done something wrong.

  5. I fail to believe anything that comes out of Naomi's mouth regarding this matter I'm afraid. She's not exactly good at sticking to principles is she (remember the fur campaign?)


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