Monday, 16 August 2010

What I saw

Posted by Tania Kindersley.













That last one was taken with a colour saturation setting, but the colours really are almost that vivid. Also, don't you love how much weather can happen in one glen in one morning? That's crazy Scotland for you in the summer.

Have thrown my back out, so no more words. I am groaning and making chicken soup.

Quickest cheatiest chicken soup:

Finely chop half an onion and two small leeks; simmer in stock or water with a tablespoon of Marigold bouillon. After ten minutes, add a handful of shredded watercress and baby spinach. Simmer for five more minutes. Throw in a poached chicken breast, chopped or shredded. I sometimes put in a bit of chilli for zing. Adjust seasoning. That's IT. It will not quite cure your poor back should it go into spasm, but it will make you comforted and almost whole.

You know I don't tell you anything, because there is nothing more annoying than people telling you what to do, but do go to Scotland on your holiday if you want more beauty than one mind can bear. Do not go if you want blatant sunshine. There will be weather over the mountains.

Stopping now as feeling most peculiar.


  1. Stunning. This is exactly how I remember Scotland from my visit two years ago. It is so quaint and beautiful. I just love the green countryside.

    xo M

  2. Your pictures as ever Tania, tell it all, and do so so generously. Thank you. Hope it was a wonderful weekend.

    There is always 'weather' in Scotland. Yes, it can be cool(er) than down south by 10/12 degrees. Yes , it can be wet, but oh how green and pleasant, with a treat around every corner. What was it dear dear Dolly says about rainbows?

  3. Oh, so sorry. In all that beauty, I slightly missed the report of your poor back. We MUST look after our backs - warm healing vibes swimming over to you. Gently gently shall you go, neither sit nor stand nor lie too long, warm and soft things shall you be wrapped in and unctuous potions shall you be kneaded with.

    If I could I would send my rather delicious hunky physio to you – the things we do in order to be pummelled by tough yet tender young men!

    Love and soothing thoughts to you and your back.



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