Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bonus Post: radio treat

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

This one is for those of you who can get the BBC iPlayer. I know it’s rather maddening for those of you who cannot, so forgive me.

The dear old Beeb is doing a re-run of the magnificent radio series High Table, Lower Orders, by Mark Taverner. It is so funny and clever and brilliantly written that I do not know why it is not a household name, but for some reason it lurks away in the obscurity of Radio Four Extra, where old comedies go to die. (Only joking; I rather love it. But it can sometimes feel like an elephants’ graveyard.)

It has the wonderful bonus of Geoffrey Palmer, enjoying himself inordinately, and my absolute favourite, Samuel West, who besides being a very good actor, has the best radio voice ever. Also, it turns out, perfect comic timing.

So, for those of you who can, enjoy:

Also, meant to say: I am thinking very much of those readers on the eastern seaboard of America, with the terrifying Irene bearing down on you. Especially my friend T, who sometimes reads this blog, who recently moved to North Carolina. I want to say: stay safe, even though it’s rather an idiotic sentiment, because none of you are going to stay dangerous. Anyway, my thoughts are with you.

And for no reason at all, an extra photograph of the Pigeon, because, quite frankly, any excuse:

27 Aug 25.ORF


  1. Bonus indeed. It never fails to amaze me how easily I, here in the Deep South of the U.S., can click a link and be listening to Radio 4 in the U.K. Thanks for that on this miserably hot Saturday afternoon.

  2. i am really quite curious about how many of us out here are expats who read the blog and love your sensitive yet concise essays - speaking for myself I miss dreadfully (curiously, more and more as time goes on) my homeland and, on occasion, become quite misty eyed at the beautiful pictures you post.....


  3. Oh yes indeed listening for about the 4th time!! Still laughing such a brilliant writer, shame he died so young. I'm in Uk so spoilt with iplayer ;-) Joan


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