Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday Pictures

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

There was a very touching message yesterday from one of the Dear Readers, who is a Briton living abroad. Apparently, my pictures remind some people of home. So these are particularly dedicated to my ex-pat readership. And most especially to my friend T from Strathdon, now in North Carolina, my very old friend S, in Santa Monica, and one of my favourite bloggers, Miss Whistle, in California, whom I know has very happy memories of Scotland.

Although, I should say, that for those of you feeling homesick, Scotland is freezing today. The sky is black, the wind is whipping out of the east, and my sister reports there is snow on the high hills. In August. I am writing this swathed in scarves. It was too horrid to go out with the camera, so this is a selection from the last few days:

28 Aug 1

28 Aug 2

28 Aug 4

28 Aug 5

28 Aug 8.ORF

28 Aug 9.ORF

28 Aug 9.ORF-1

28 Aug 10.ORF

28 Aug 11.ORF

28 Aug 12.ORF

28 Aug 13.ORF

28 Aug 16

28 Aug 17

28 Aug 18

I know I should not really single people out, because every  one of the Dear Readers is precious to me, but there is a young reader all the way down in New Zealand who has such an affection for the Pigeon that her picture has been printed out and stuck on the fridge. This was possibly the thing that made me smile the most this week. It is at times like this that I really wish dogs spoke English, so I could tell the Pidge of her far-flung fan club. Anyway, to the dear Kiwi reader - these are specially for you:

28 Aug 19.ORF

28 Aug 19.ORF-1

28 Aug 20

And the dear old hill, because there must always be the hill:

28 Aug 21.ORF

And now I am going to make some chicken soup.


  1. Your photos are always beautiful, Tania, and although I'm not really an expat – the country I left is my motherland and the country I'm in now my fatherland, so I have ties to both and have no plans to return to the motherland – your photos often do give me a sweet sense of nostalgia and remind me of my roots. Time to say thank you, I think: so thank you. :)

  2. Imogene - what a lovely thing to say. Thank YOU.

  3. Tania, thank you. Us Scots love dark and low skies, wind and mist - it is part of who we are! As opposed to Californian beach bunnies in bikinis .... (attributed to India Knight in How to Shop)

  4. my absolutely favourite memory is returning home from school at dusk with the scent of bonfires in the air
    because it was autumn .. and kicking through the leaves..... i dont quite know why your blog takes me back there.. but it does..

  5. Anon - do quite agree about the beach bunnies. :)

    Anon - love that thought. Amazingly, we do already have leaves on the ground, although not quite the scent of bonfires.

  6. Even thinking of snow on hills, and you with a scarf is rather nice! it is hot and humid here and I would dearly love some of that cool over here right now..

  7. Lovely, lovely pictures - may I ask what the adorable stone building is??? I do wish that some time in the future you will give us a book of these charming pictures of nature.....

    I agree with Mystica - it is extremely hot and humid here too and I find myself quite yearning for some foul Scottish weather!!!

  8. Thanks through your blog to the New Zealand reader's daughter for inspiring a spate of Pigeon photos. Damn, that dog is a beauty!


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