Sunday, 21 August 2011

Home at last

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Very, very tired, but very, very happy to be home. This is what was waiting for me:

21 Aug 1

21 Aug 2

21 Aug 3

21 Aug 4

21 Aug 6

21 Aug 7

21 Aug 9

21 Aug 10

My beautiful Pigeon:

21 Aug 19

21 Aug 20

She was taken to the beach while I was away. Apparently, she had a very nice swim in the sea. Not bad for an old girl.

And the hill. Oh, I missed my hill:

21 Aug 21

Normal blogging will resume tomorrow.


  1. Welcome home! Is that a sweet-pea on the right hand side of the first photo?

  2. Welcome home!
    Your flowers are beautiful & the Pigeon, radiant. The sea quite agrees with her (& with me too, for that matter!).

  3. Welcome home :)
    Have missed you!

  4. Oh, welcome back - have missed you!
    Thank you for the lovely pictures - what a wonderful sight to come home to....

    Kindest wishes

  5. Wecome home! You've been missed. I hope you had a fabulous break xx

  6. Welcome back to our homes, as well as your own. And the photos are beautiful, as always.

  7. What a welcome home. Nice to have you back.

  8. Wow... I feel like I just came home! How lovely.

  9. What lovely, lovely readers you are, and what a welcome back. Thank you. And to answer Rebecca's question directly: they do look like sweet peas, but are in fact violas, drooping their heads.

  10. Welcome home - I am glad the Pigeon enjoyed her swim.

  11. Oh, welcome back. About Wednesday of last week, I panicked and almost posted a ridiculous query as to your whereabouts. The old grey cells kicked in in the nick of time to prevent my embarrassing myself. You were sorely missed.


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