Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ah ah ah

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

A million apologies for no blog today. The internet broke.

I got halfway through writing a rather long and winding post, discovered that I had no access to the outside world, and stopped. Just checked now on my way up to bed, and there is a signal again, so, instead of leaving it to tomorrow like a normal person, I must quickly write a word, through squinting eyes. Because otherwise you shall think I am dead in a ditch, and that will never do.

Is it strange that I find myself, at ten past twelve at night, reassuring people I have never met, many of whom live in different time zones, about something over which they are almost certainly not worrying?

Or actually, is that the very lovely thing about the whole global village thing?

And yet, and yet. You must you must have your picture of The Pigeon. That is a universal imperative, and brooks no argument:

16 Sept 1

Ah. That’s better.


  1. Thank you; I can sleep easy now.

  2. Thank you for the late treat of 'that' adorable face.
    After a sunny day spent out working in the garden and culminating with the planting of two big round box bushes (love them too), I am just about to go upstairs to bed and look forward to switching the lights off and thinking of that warming face as I am falling asleep.

    I hope you are starting to feel better. Sleep well. X :)

  3. Such a bummer when the Internet goes on holiday!

  4. Glad to hear you are safe in your own bed and well enough to crack a joke. I hope you get some good rest tonight.

    Yes, that is a very lovely thing about the global village. Here I am, five time zones away, writing back to you while listening to the Arvo Part music—which I didn't know existed before you shared it—with the little orphan kitten sleeping in my lap. A very sweet and peaceful end to my day.

  5. Oh, thank you. It's been a horrible day and we needed the Pigeon here in Texas. Between the two of you, you have reminded us of nicer things. Thank you!

  6. But Tania,I would have worried.I am still reading you,albeit silently.regards Sue

  7. I find myself wanting to photograph the pup each day...reminds me of pigeon. I am sure though that that Grce Kelly elegance takes years to mature! In my pictures the puppy is moving so fast there is usually a head or tail missing from view, already off to chase exciting leaf or chew toy. Hope you slept well... Lou x

  8. I worried and nearly left an 'I'm worried comment' until I gave myself a stern talking to and desisted. Transferred my worrying back to the non-appearance of late night son and mid-Atlantic husband.

  9. Also nearly left 'Where are you' comment. Hope you are feeling better.

  10. I usually blog in the evening, often quite late, and occasionally I forget. It makes me feel guilty, though, and if I don't catch up the next morning, I get comments asking if I'm all right. Nice, isn't it?

    I have been known to write a quick post in bed on my phone after midnight!

  11. I love that I can count on seeing a post for you every day! (But no pressure) And I adore my daily dose of Pigeon's serene gaze.

    I am not allowed to leave my URL, for some reason; it "contains illegal characters"?

  12. I thought perhaps your cold had gotten the better of you. I should've known better. I'm glad it was just a downed internet and not a downed Tania.

  13. Oh you are all so lovely. Cannot quite believe that some of the Dear Readers really WERE fretting. I felt like quite an idiot when I put up my reassuring post. I feel absurdly touched. :) :)


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