Monday, 26 September 2011

A good day

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

As I walked through the woods and past the hill this morning, in the dazzling September sun, I listened to Van Morrison, and wrote the blog in my head. Oh goodness. it was a dilly. It had everything. It really was dancing girls and pom-poms, which I am always promising you, and which never quite materialise.

Now, as the sun lingers and sets, gilding the dry stone wall and dappling the beeches outside my window, I cannot recollect one word of it.

Bloody lucky you are such forgiving readers, as well as Dear.

In the end, it was a flat-out work day. The Co-writer called, for a massive editing conference. Oh yes, I had said; it will only take a couple of hours. I was blithe and impatient. On, on, yell the voices in my head. In the end, we did three hours of hard graft and thought and discussion, and we are not even one third of the way through.

No matter. This is the nature of the thing. I ended up galvanised, and more hopeful than I have been since I can remember. The Co-Writer said some wise and understanding and kind things. She surprised me, a little. I am used to being very slightly misunderstood. It is not so much in a dramatic, I am so enigmatical and mysterious that no human may ever plumb the mazy depths of my convoluted psyche way. It is more that I make mildly odd choices, which most of my cohort have not. So sometimes there is a very slight distance between what is assumed, and what is.

I think we wrote something in Backwards about how what women really want is to be got. (Almost certainly men too.) When someone really gets it, it is not only a comfort, but also a great compliment, because they have taken the time to observe and take in the wanderings of your inexplicable mind. This morning, I felt got. That is a very short, and not particularly elegant sentence, but it is a potent one.

Then I wrote 1097 words; did some reading; did some thinking; and completely forgot to eat my lunch. This is not healthy, but it is the sign of a good work day. I had to rush into the village at five o’clock and buy a lovely Aberdeen Angus steak for strength, which I ate bloody, with garlic and parsley, and some watercress on the side, just to make sure that I really did feel like Popeye afterwards.

Then the Pigeon and I went outside to look at the evening light and smell the flowers.

I hardly dare write this because of tempting fate. Because it may not be true tomorrow. Because I am not so daffily sanguine to believe that everything changes just because thinking makes it so. But I woke early today with a sense of shift, a return of determination and optimism, a hope for better things. It may not last. Not everything in the garden may remain lovely. But it can be marked: today was a Good Day.


Some quick pictures now, of this evening’s garden:

26 Sept 1

26 Sept 2

26 Sept 3

26 Sept 4

26 Sept 6

26 Sept 7

26 Sept 9

26 Sept 10

26 Sept 11

The Pigeon was looking particularly majestic in the light. Sometimes when I take her picture I just shoot away, fast as I can, so that I occasionally catch her like this, all blurry and blinky:

26 Sept 19

Then we settle down and do some serious posing and composition, so we get the serene profile:

26 Sept 20

The elder stateswoman face, as if she is a cross between Dame Mary Warnock and Baroness Shirley Williams:

26 Sept 21

(She really should be in the House of Lords, with a face like that.)

And the I-suspect-there-is-a-rabbit-in-that-bush look:

26 Sept 22

Hill is especially elegant today, in the astonishing light:

26 Sept 25


  1. Oh that is lovely news to read. Of course a good day doesn't mean no more bad days, but it's so important to drink in a good day when it comes along! Here's to many more.

    P.S. Steak sounds yummy and blinky Pigeon looks perfect.

  2. Beautiful photographs, love the "rabbit-in-that-bush" one! Glad to hear you had a good day; hope tomorrow is one too.

  3. Your blog is always a joy to read but even more so when you have had a good day, wishing you many more of those.
    Pigeon is as adorable as ever, just love her x

  4. Oh I am SO glad to hear that today was a good one - and that you are working through The Thing - which, actually, when I re-read my comment on your blog sounded like a damned impertinent thing to ask... but I am sure I am not alone in feeling that you are a friend - and one writes to you as such ... that is just how much your writing touches us.... Again, please forgive any unwarranted intrusion - it was not intended to be so - and i wish you many more happy days xx

  5. The hill looks lovely in that light. I am glad you are lighter in spirit today. I am also, despite the autumn coming on. It was a beautiful, sunny, 97F here today; it really made my day.

  6. Blog inspiration tends to strike whilst I'm swimming and then I can never remember a word when I'm home and at a computer. It's most annoying.

    Who needs dancing girls and pom-poms though? We have blinky Pigeon and the Hill. That's more than enough.

  7. Your blogs are always lively, original and interesting, even if you forget the first one you've thought up.

    Pigeon in the first photo looks very like a bear!

    Lovely photo of the hill, the autumn colours and misty blue. Glad the Book is progressing.

  8. Hannah - you are kind; thank you.

    Jennifer J - so glad you appreciate rabbit in bush look. Think it is my favourite.

    Lucille - thank you. :)

    Sharon - reader love of the Pigeon always makes me very, very happy.

    Anon - what a lovely thing to say. No need at all to apologise.

    Susan - so glad the sun is shining.

    Alex - so pleased you like that blinky Pidge.

    Vivien - such a kind comment. You know, the amazing thing is that I often call the Pigeon my little bear. Despite being short-haired, she is actually quite furry, and she has a round, barrel-like, solid body, which always feels rather ursine to me. How clever you are.

  9. So pleased you've had a Good Day. So, so pleased - and I hope tomorrow is too.
    As for the blinky Pigeon; she is just gorgeous x

  10. Glad you had a good day. Pigeon looks like she had one too. And I have to find that sedum (somehow)

  11. I am so glad you had a good day yesterday, even if it means you are now inextricably linked in my mind with Ice Cube.

    And being "got" is wonderful. I hope today is just as good.

  12. Being "got" NAILED it! Thank YOU.
    The next time I'm asked what is it exactly that you want, I now have a succinct (and ohsotrue) answer! (However, I may still have to explain, patiently and step by step, what being "got" means....sigh....). It's a least!
    Milles mercis!

  13. Em - so very glad you loved the blinky Pigeon.

    Mystica - I do recommend the sedum. I'm not sure if it works in your hotter climate, but it is tough as old boots, goes on forever, is a lovely shade of green all summer and then puts out these amazing flower heads in the autumn.

    Siobhan - lovely comment; you are so kind. (But who is this Ice Cube of which you speak?)

    Pat - so glad you like that idea. The older I get, the more I think it is true.


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