Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Update; or, possibly breaking all the rules

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I think, I think that serious, grown-up blogging is not supposed to be about this. But I have had a really, really awful couple of days. So I wanted to let you know that I am sitting on the sofa, with this adorable creature dozing beside me…

21 Sept 26.ORF

…and I am reading all the comments from today’s post, and smiling. I suppose the rule is that I am supposed to be writing this to entertain you. That is my job, after all. The amazing and wonderful thing is that you, the Dear Readers, end up reassuring and soothing me.

I must not fall into sentiment, which is a cheap emotion that I affect to despise. But it seems to me that there is something unexpected and marvellous about the kindness of strangers. Especially when it comes from the wild shores of the world wide web, which many pundits have decided is the home of loonies and freaks, and must be disregarded on principle. (How little those cross critics know.)

If there is anything I have learnt in the last four months, it is that one should never take anything for granted. I think: it is vital to catch kindness as it flies. And so I do, and it is an extraordinary thing, and I thank you all for it.


  1. What a lovely thought: to catch kindness as it flies.
    I do hope tomorrow is a better day for you.
    You should know that by sharing your stunning home and darling Pigeon, and your words, you are always a better part of my day x

  2. Just caught up with the last couple of days blogs - we all have The Thing (I am having it right bloody now, actually) in one form or another..... Your writing is so beautiful and honest and you truly touch so many peoples lives in a way that is quite unique and rare in this huge cyberspace world - surely worth something. Its a little corner of decency and hope and charity and offers us hope that there are still decent lovely people out there .... you get the picture! We are cheering for you, Tania. x

  3. Hello. I'm late catching up; blame that puppy training for sapping my time. In fact it's not even that, I just find him endlessly fascinating having never had a dog before. Anyway - on to the 'thing' and the column lust that you had in the last post. I think interesting people do know what you do and know you and I for one have boasted about our blog acquaintance on more than one occasion. Does that make me deplorable?! Also - realise that your readership is made of pretty powerful stuff - as for example I get the most hits from your blog to mine. I think only Simone's 'Bottom of the Ironing Basket' sends more traffic my way. So that suggests to me that whilst you may feel it's a little club of readers - they in fact vote with their feet (well their mouse clicks actually). I love what you write and I worry about you and I wonder how the dog is. So all in all - what am I saying? Err just to thicken that skin very gradually and forgot those other silly bloggers. :-) Lou x

  4. Just checked my stats - a total of 1255 web hits directed from you to me :-) Surely that means that alot of people lurk around your site...and then pop over to others from your blog list? Anyway - rambling now... L x

  5. My husband, looking over my shoulder briefly in passing, spotted the Pigeon, stopped short and said, "Oh, THAT is a nice dog!" I thought you would like to know.

  6. You're always out ahead of me, and I, always a Johnny-come-lately. But here's my 2 cents: Yours is the only blog where sense is spoken, almost always with wry humor, and images are glorious. I've been away from a computer for almost a week, and I missed more than any other spot I visit, this one, "Backwards...", always. You're a pip and entitled to be and feel whatever/however.

    BTW, you have cured me of caps for emphasis. It still feels a bit strange, but I've learned to restrain myself. Thanks for that.

  7. Oh dear...well...Tanya, the Pigeon dozing on the sofa next to you sounds like a a good therapeutic start, and whatever the "thing" might be remember it's probably because your "things happen" immune system has had a lot to deal with lately and it's feeling rather wobbly.
    Your daily musings are a constant source of comfort and reassurance that humans are on the whole not that bad,the beautiful pictures of your garden and surroundings and of course of course the love-packed pictures of the Pigeon are a huge bonus.
    ps. am now obsessing about the Elizabeth McGovern velvet evening gown that I haven't seen and can only imagine. Can't wait for Downton Abbey to air in France.
    liz from Paris

  8. Such very lovely and kind comments; thank you so much. :)

  9. Oh The Pidge, so so beautiful. I long to give her a pat, stroke her tussly velvety ears, and scratch under her chin. Instead I will have to wait until I next see my parents' dog, Van. He and The Pidge share some very similar expressions.


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