Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lost Day

So sorry, lost a day. Think it might have fallen down the back of the sofa. Horse, dog, work, quick peek at 2.55 at Doncaster, sudden joy as I realise it is the day for Laytown races, where they run on the beach. Then, system says: unexpected item in the bagging area. Which is my brain’s version of: nothing left.

I leave you with the Lovely Ones, who are better than any words, especially for those of you needing a tonic, as I seem to do:

13 Sept 1

13 Sept 2


  1. You've lost a day, I've lost my voice (laryngitis) AND my laptop (it died). New laptop came with "wrong" keyboard (azerty instead of the more familiar qwerty) & so has been sent back. Not too sure when the replacement will arrive. Currently depending on the kindness of husband & his "work" laptop, which only comes home in the early evening!
    Enforced silence and limited communication only makes me realize how much I like verbal interaction AND just how addicted (there, I've said it...again) I am to the internet.

    Red in grays, Pigeon in sepia tones...fitting!

    (Current "tonic" for vocal cords: a mixture of cayenne pepper and ginger dissolved in cider vinegar and water with honey added. It helps...but I think I need to SPIKE it with...cognac?)

    1. When I was training to be an opera singer (get ME!) the main salves for sore throats and lost voices were gargling with bicarb in warm water (don't swallow it, though, as you'll puke) for the infection, and honey, lemon, glycerine and hot water for the voice. But really, truly the best thing is not to speak. Whisper, do not engage the vocal cords, and if really REALLY bad, write everything down that you want to say and look as much like a pathetic, consumptive prima donna as you can.

  2. I have days like that. The Lovely Ones are indeed a tonic.

  3. I am pretty sure you have lost some other days down the back of the sofa, as you have mentioned this sort of carelessness before. Suggest you scoop up said lost days, gather them together tidily and have a nice long weekend away somewhere smart and stimulating. Perhaps Edinburgh. Shame to waste perfectly good days by mislaying them behind the furniture!

  4. I have a cold and a deep melancholy. Tonic appreciated.

  5. Lost days have a way of turning up somewhere else when you're least expecting them.
    The Lovely Ones are just that. xx


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