Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Still ill

Continuing unspeakable. I always think I am rather stoical and brave when I get a bug, and then I get one and am absolutely pathetic. I fantastically believe that I may wish it away through sheer force of will. This is magical thinking of the nuttiest kind and makes me ashamed, since I am supposed to be an empiricist.

So I lie in bed, groaning, and thinking in panic of all the work I have to do and all the logistics that must be done and the emails sent and the arrangements made and oh oh oh.

I have tried chicken soup, industrial amounts of vitamin C, Solpadeine, echinacea, ginger tea and all sorts. I know I am properly ill because I have not had a bet for two days. If I cannot study the form, then there must be something direly wrong.

It is so ordinary, and so dull, and so inevitable. Everyone gets a bug, from time to time. It’s all round the village. But I appear to regard the whole thing as a personal affront and a tremendous indignity.

Tomorrow, I shall be bringing in the iron tonic and GETTING UP. Because this is ridiculous.

In my delirium, I saw that there is a best-looking horse competition somewhere on Facebook; some Thoroughbred lovers’ site that I follow, happily. Light-headed from illness and too much sleep (my other sovereign cure for all ailments) I started madly rifling through my old pictures to find the most lovely shots of Red the Mare. Because surely she must win most beautiful horse?:

26 Sept 5-001

And then I wondered if there were a most beautiful dog competition, because really, who could not give this face a championship rosette?:

26 Sept 12

I very sincerely trust that everything will be back to normal tomorrow. Because otherwise I don’t know what will happen.


  1. Tania I've been meaning to comment for ages to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. The horse stories have inspired me to ride again and the hill gives me my bleak fix in London. I love that it always feels like I'm having a really good conversation. Get well soon.

  2. She definitely gets my vote for Most Beautiful Horse.

  3. Same here....never been so ill as now. Very low spot.
    Very best get well wishes.

  4. Hope you are better soon. I sympathise as it is rampant down here and I succumbed a few days ago.

  5. Oh, do get well soon. Awful to feel so awful.

    Prizes all around for Pigeon's and Red's beauty.


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