Monday, 10 September 2012

Too tired to blog

So sorry, my darlings. No blog today. Ran out of brain.

10 Sept 1

10 Sept 2

10 Sept 3

Not just no brain. Also almost suffered fatal injury by falling over pile of back copies of the New Statesman. DEATH BY SOCIALISM.

Also had to say goodbye to Team GB. Melancholy yet uplifted by final Olympic parade. So overcome with emotion had to spend early evening making special soothing chicken noodle soup. (With bean sprouts and spring onions; lovely.)

Also, the mare has a small wound, so had to run up to see her three times to make sure she was all right and to put on Wound Cream. That is actually what it is called. I love things that really are what they say they are. This one is by Royal Appointment and you can see why. It’s a miracle. The Queen must love it.

Also did 1485 words of book.

Also am slightly in sleep debt.

Also have about five different small deadlines and feel disorganised and persecuted by time. It moves too fast.

Also had to ponder what is clearly a new Boris plot to take over the world.

At which point: snap. Brain shut off.


  1. Please can us Dear Readers have the recipe for the special, soothing chicken noodle soup?

    I also just wanted to say thank you to you. I finally got my degree results today and your blog has been my daily treat. Reading your lovely words inspired me to get on and write my words and also it was so nice to read something unrelated to my studies. So a heartfelt thank you from me, even your no-blog blogs lift each day x

    1. Jules - WELL DONE with your degree. And what a very, very lovely and kind thing to say. Thank you.

  2. Have to observe (with all due deference dear Tania, but in the interest of fairness to a natural dimension), Time always goes at same speed as a rule, so the issue here may be over-commitment! How is it five deadlines are twanging under your nose all of a piece? Sounds like end of summer term after a little too much time spent on the river or in the park...

    I am one to talk. This weekend I said to The Husband oh bugger emptying any more of the cupboards in the house before we exchange contracts, it's too HOT! Summer has put on a late spurt in SE England where we are selling up after two decades, and we are so grateful after the wind and wet and grey skies of June-Aug 2012, far too grateful to spend all day indoors, even if we are delaying the final push to clear the house.

    Wound Cream. How poetic. Where can one buy human equivalent? The Dog has had a sore cracked lip that has been slow to heal because of a touch of staph.aureus. A tube of Germoline from Boots fixed it in three days. But Wound Cream sounds so much more effective even than that.

    1. Goldenoldenlady - there so should be human wound cream. I can't tell you how good it is.

  3. Hello and sorry to hear you are so tired. But there still was a little blog, after all.

    I saw a post on Facebook a little while ago which made me think of you - a friend of a friend is very reluctantly selling her 15.1hh chestnut mare... I'm sure you are not looking for another equine companion, but perhaps you might know someone who is? I can provide a bit more information and some contact details if you do.

    Sleep well.

    1. Jennifer J - always so lovely to hear from you. I am not supposed to be getting any more horses, OF COURSE. But I don't suppose you might send me the link anyway...

  4. stopped by since I was caught by the lovely photos of the dog and horses but stayed because of your blog entry. It put a smile on MY face. Delightful

  5. I prefer death by chocolate....(and my ample gut is testimony to this fact).

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