Saturday, 29 September 2012

No blog today

So sorry; no time to write; have to go out for cocktails. This very, very rarely happens, where I live. I am beside myself at the thought of hard liquor. I also have to get the mud off my boots and the straw out of my hair. Literally, and metaphorically.

The ladies of the blog apologise:

29 Sept 1

You can see that they look very, very sorry indeed.


  1. They have plunged to almost Eeyore ish lows in their expressions in this shot. Marvellous!

  2. Oh, get YOU with the cocktails. Hope you scrubbed and gussied up well and heels weren't murderous after all these months in riding boots. I had to wear flat sandals to the opera a week or so ago. I have lost the ability to teeter!

  3. Cocktails! How lovely! I hope you had a wonderful time.

  4. I would happily volunteer to be your "representative" (can't think of THE word, darnit!) on the cocktail circuit!

    Cheers! (And I'll have a Cosmopolitan or....a margarita, please.)

  5. Due to my work schedule, I no longer have a "night life"... but have found that most cocktails are darn easy to make at home, especially if you whittle it down to one or two favorites that you can perfect or improve to your own taste! So much less expensive, too, and no worries about who's driving, because no one is. My favorite home-mades are Cosmopolitans (vodka and cranberry with a splash of Cointreau and a squeeze of fresh lime) and whiskey sours (whiskey, sour mix, and a splash of bitters). I haven't actually made either of them at all this summer, because I found a few new wines to fall in love with (the moscatos!).


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