Friday, 23 November 2012

A little self-indulgence for a Friday night. Warning: dog-heavy

There are some advantages to running late. I have been running late all day. I went on a journey I calculated would take half a day; it took until tea-time. I have not answered the emails that needed answering, nor responded to the vital calls on the telephonic device. I missed a deadline, which is not usual for me. And I have not sat down to write this blog until way past everyone’s bed-time.

The advantage is that, by this stage, you will all be out, doing Friday night things. You will be eating dinner and drinking cocktails and talking of the state of the nation and making bad jokes and thinking of almost anything else except for a tiny space on the internet. I attempt, in a paltry way, to avoid the excesses of self-indulgence that blogging is heir to, but tonight I cave in, hopelessly. My secret joy is that hardly anyone will see, not at this time on a Friday night.

Today was a day of vivid light and shade. I drove over roads which were like rivers, past sodden fields, where the water sat, still as a looking glass, after the wild weather that roared in from the west. At Beanacre, one of those tiny villages that only the English could have named, the meadows ran out from the road like lakes, not a blade of grass visible under the deluge. The sun glittered and joked over the mirrored surface; on the radio, the weather forecasters were stern about the possibility of more floods.

In all the light, there was sadness too; memories of my departed girls, and another departure too, sudden, and melancholy. But against that was the great kindness of strangers, which you know I put great store by, and the faint, yearning possibility of something new. I don’t want to talk about this yet, because forms must be filled, hoops must be leapt through, all possibilities must be explored; but the hopeful gentleman was met, and instantly loved, and oh, oh, if I am good and proper, may be kept. Emphasis on the may. No chickens are counted, not in this house.

But in the meantime, here is the self-indulgence, which I am sneaking in under the wire. Here are my glorious ladies, in all their pomp. Here is what I miss. As the wonderful Miss Nancy Mitford, the voice of my formative years, would have said: do admit.

And the stern voice in my own head, which does not care for whimsical indulgence says: if you have no interest in canines, really do look away NOW:


23 Nov 1

23 Nov 2

23 Nov 5 from April 2011

23 Nov 6

23 Nov 8.ORF

23 Nov 9

23 Nov 10

Regular readers will remember the full glory of the SNOW DOGS:

23 Nov 10-001

23 Nov 11

23 Nov 12

23 Nov 13


23 Nov 15

23 Nov 16

23 Nov 17

23 Nov 19

23 Nov 20

23 Nov 21


There we are. Have a lovely weekend. I promise I shall rein in my excesses tomorrow.


  1. I can't believe I had forgotten snow dogs! - so so wonderful. Am so glad to see the Duchess too.
    I'm afraid i'm not out having cocktails. Such is the life of having a young baby and no family to babysit. It was Dad's anniversary this week. Seventeen years.

  2. I am not out galivanting either. I stayed in to wash my hair. Wish I had just washed my hair, instead I got carried away, bleached it with xxl lightener and then washed it repeatedly with a "silvering" shampoo which is supposed to get rid of the yellow and leave the hair metallic white. It did not. I look like a day-old chick.

    I know from when The Daughter rehomed a springer spaniel (who rejoices in the name of Lionel) last year that references must be provided. The Dear Readers can be your referees. All of us. I suggest your get the rehoming charity to read your blog. What better recommendation could there be?

  3. What a delightful post! You're actually indulging your readers-- I know I could look at Snow Dogs all day long.

  4. Well, in America, out coctail hour doesn't coincide with yours. Beautiful images, of your girls, hopeful signs that in new ways you'll find added joys. I'm a prof. I never, ever forget old students. But I always feel excited about the coming of the new herd.

  5. OK. That does it! If I ever get another dog (a big "if" yet still a distinct possibility!), it will most definitely be at least part lab.

  6. In no uncertain terms, do not rein in! Wonderful post and isn't it so fantastic that nowadays we nearly all have access to cameras so that our equine, canine and feline best friends (and some of those pesky humankind too!) can be captured so well? Remember, forever. x

  7. Oh, the snow dogs. That white nose, those soft ears, pure gorgeousness!
    I'm crossing everything that the hopeful gentleman is brought into best home on dog island.

    And, don't think we've forgotten the hair!

  8. Thank you for the dog heavy post...just wonderful.


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