Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day, in brief

The day, as days sometimes do, gallops away from me like a recalcitrant pony. It is composed of:

Mild weather.

Walk with The Sister.

Horse love.

Damned logistics.

One annoying decision. Not sure if it is the right one.

Plans for a perfect palace of a field shelter, to keep the equines warm when the winter blizzards come.

Useful work. (I am currently doing three kinds of work. Speculative, professional, and useful. It is the useful work, for HorseBack, which currently gives me most satisfaction. Please do not tell my agent this.)

The cooking of beef, for strength.

Spending of time with good and funny and kind and interesting people who do something excellent in the world. This always soothes my spirit.

Paying of bills.

A faint but persistent feeling of disorganisation.

One radically unsuccessful bet. But there was a nice double yesterday, so all is not lost. Mr William Hill still rues the day.

A yearning for my beautiful old Pigeon. Every day is a yearny day; it comes and goes, like the weather. I am learning to roll with it. I wish I did not have to learn, but I must.

This very perfunctory blog. I have angst when I give you too many words; I have angst when I give you too few. This is an occupational hazard for all writers, except, possibly, Martin Amis, who appears never to suffer from word angst. How lovely that must be.


Today’s pictures:

14 Nov 1

14 Nov 3

14 Nov 4

14 Nov 5


14 Nov 10


14 Nov 11

Pigeon, from the archive:

14 Nov Pidge 17 July


14 Nov 20


  1. beeee-youuu-ti-fuuull photos!

  2. From what (little) I've seen of Martin Amis, he doesn't suffer from ego angst either (-- but, perhaps I'm being unfair, too harsh or just plain mean?)...

    Your girls are glowing.

  3. Beautiful photos, beautiful faces.
    I feel almost mean that we get to see the Darling Pidge still when the reality for you is so different. I do miss her though, if that makes any sense.

    Can't help it - my first thought when you mention Martin Amis is that he certainly keeps any angst under wraps. :)

    Love what you are doing with HorseBack UK.

  4. Myfanwy (sp?) is starting to look like a furry snow princess. All of them are beautiful and the Pigeon's smiley face is her eternal expression in my mind.


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