Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Old school

Away for 48 hours. Should I take the computer with? There must be blogging, betting, tweeting, looking at all those nice pictures of horses on the Facebook. 48 hours without a computer means no emails, no nostalgic photographs of my old dogs, no gazing on the loveliness of Red the Mare. I can’t know what my friends are doing every minute of every day. I shall be unmoored, cut off from the world. I almost panic at the thought.

Then I think: bollocks to that. There is real life. I’m not humping round a slab of machinery simply so I can look at nice horse pictures. You, bold Dear Readers, shall bravely survive without me. If I miss an email, I miss an email.

I’m going old school. I am literally going to get on a train with a paperback book and a furled umbrella (the kind of black, gentleman’s article that you most often see in Pall Mall or Whitehall). I am going to give my poor brain a rest from the rushing ether of the internet. It’s practically a sociological experiment.


  1. We'll be here when you get back. Happy travels!

  2. The withdrawal can be difficult -- but well worth it! (I know of what I speak....)
    Happy trails!

  3. My sweet boy has been gone since last April and I still miss him terribly and I still cry. He was my constant companion. I understand your loss. There is always a very special dog in our lives we never get over, but the days it gets easier do get better. My best wishes to you.


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