Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

I gave a party. I never give parties. I mulled the wine and decked the halls and the whole family came, from eighty to eight months. I love all the generations, gathered together. It really was quite a success. Stanley the Dog was much admired, and behaved impeccably.

I am quite tired now. There is just time to steep the milk for the bread sauce with onions and cloves and bay leaves for tomorrow, and then I shall collapse in a heap.

I miss my dear departeds, but that’s a thing to be expected, at this time of year. I know you shall be thinking of yours, too.

The choir of King’s is singing O Come All Ye Faithful, and the night outside my window is very black and still. I have that bittersweet feeling that comes on the night before Christmas. I am glad and grateful for all the ones still here, and a little melancholy for the ones that are not. As news comes in of floods in the south of the county, and right down in the West Country, I feel very lucky that I am not stuck on a stranded train. I feel pretty lucky altogether, and I don’t ever take luck for granted.

And here, in this small corner of the wild internet, I feel exceptionally lucky in all the Dear Readers, who have stuck with me so staunchly this year. I send you all love for the Christmas season, and hope you have a delightful day. If Stanley and Red and Myfanwy could speak English and understand the concept of a winter festival, I feel certain they would wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas too.


Some Christmassy pictures for you:

24 Dec 1

24 Dec 2

24 Dec 3

24 Dec 4

24 Dec 6

24 Dec 7

24 Dec 8

24 Dec 9

24 Dec 11

24 Dec 13

24 Dec 14

24 Dec 15

24 Dec 15-001

24 Dec 16

24 Dec 16-001

My menagerie:

24 Dec 20

24 Dec 21

24 Dec 23

24 Dec 24

24 Dec 26

My dear old ladies, who still live in my heart:

24 Dec 29

The hill:

24 Dec 30


  1. Happy christmas to you and your menagerie. Magnificent ear action from Stanley. Raising my glass to our dear departeds.


  2. Merry Christmas to you all- Christmas Day here in New Zealand already and a wet one.

  3. Such Beauty - in words and pictures.
    May you be blessed this Christmas time with the greatest gift imaginable - the love of family and friends.

  4. So pleased you have four feet trotting behind. Wishing you, your family and all equines plus Stanley
    a joyous Christmas and a very happy New Year. Pauline Watchorn

  5. Merry Christmas Tania and thank you for a year of wonderful posts. You take such gorgeous photographs and always manage to find the beauty in things, however dreich the day. x

  6. Your house looks like a wonderful Christmas dream! Happy Christmas, and many thanks for your enlivening blog during the year.

  7. A very merry Christmas, Tania, to you and yours all! I am with the in-laws, who have two middle aged ladies (a boxer mix and a black and white hairy mix) who are having a touch of trouble with the 3, 5 and 7 year olds (and the other 10 people) who have suddenly descended loudly upon their largely silent two-person life. I thought a few times today of your lovely Duchess and Pigeon and, with pleasure, of beautiful Stanley. I hope you all have a peaceful and lovely day.

    Thank you for everything you bring to the Readers! Your blog makes my day that much better, every time you post.

  8. Tania, the decorations, greenery and flowers in your home are beautiful--such a festive feeling! Have a lovely Christmas. Tell Stanley his red collar suits him well.

  9. These are such beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you and yours the very best for Christmas.

  10. Here, in Wisconsin, the snows are deep and the thermometer hasn't topped the freezing point for days. Snow is beautiful, but the absence of color outside is palpable. That's why I especially enjoyed your holiday photos post -- the warm tones are just magnificent!

    Happy happy holiday season and thank you for your beautiful words and photos!


  12. Beautiful! Merry Christmas, Tania. Thank you for another wonderful year!

  13. Such beautiful photographs, I adore the swag on your mantle especially. Hope you've had the most wonderful time, thoughts for the dear departeds, here too, and love for the living.


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