Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday; after the rains

Today was a day filled with happiness and sweetness. There were family and friends and charming, appreciative children. I was so damn festive I even mulled a few wines. (A hit; a palpable hit.) The horses were kicking up their heels as the sun came out. Stanley the Dog was in a haze of pleasure as he made a new friend, when the dog of the Older Niece and the Man in the Hat arrived on the compound. I wrapped some presents and made some lists and time dashed past me. I’ll never quite catch up with this Christmas, but it’s proving to be rather a lovely one, for all that.


At last, I could take the camera out:

23 Dec 1

23 Dec 2

23 Dec 3

23 Dec 4

23 Dec 5

23 Dec 6

23 Dec 7

23 Dec 9

23 Dec 10

23 Dec 11

23 Dec 12

23 Dec 12-001

23 Dec 14

23 Dec 15

23 Dec 17

23 Dec 18

I hope you had a happy Sunday.


  1. Lovely Sunday so far, thanks, Tania. The Husband and I have been out and bought our combined weights in food to last four days and our 25-slot wine rack is FULL!

  2. Stanly seems as happy as a dog with a puddle. The envy of any kid who could see him. Who is his friend?

  3. Tania, your photos are quite beautiful. The top two look like paintings - Constable?

    Lovely to have a catch up with your last few posts and see how Stanley is settling in. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas day with much mulled wine and happiness.

  4. Great photos. Stanley in a puddle with a friend, what a joy. Looking forward to all your posts and photos in 2013. I hope it is a year of happiness, another doggy friend (go on you know you want to!) and successful projects. You do not need any more challenges or life lessons. I thought if I wrote it forcefully enough it would come true for you. Have a good one Tania. Thank you for being the blogging icon of 2012. You have seen me through some of my own life lessons this year. Always put into perspective with a photo of the hill, your dogs and your daily doings.

  5. We did thank you and I wish you a very happy Christmas Tania.

  6. The frst photo is particularly gorgeous, as my mother said when I showed her, very old--style Constable-esque! Lovely! Glad to hear you haven't been washed away!


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