Thursday, 11 April 2013

A good, good day

A new definition of tired. This is maddening, since there are about twenty-seven things I want to tell you. But I’ve been at HorseBack UK nearly all day, doing the usual work for them, but this time also riding Western. I cannot tell you the big whoop this creates in my mind.

They were running a UK Coaching Certificate course, so the members of the team and volunteers would have an official teaching qualification. For this, the students needed guinea pig riders to teach, and I stuck my hand up so fast it practically fell off.

Although there are cross-overs, riding Western is pretty different from riding English, and if I had not been concentrating so hard, I would have felt like an absolute eejit. As it was, I learnt something wonderful and new, was taught brilliantly, and had the great privilege of riding the magnificent Archie, an Anglo-Arabian gelding of vast grace and kindness.

I would love to write you through every jot and tittle of the day, and all the things I saw and all the things I learnt, but there is the click click click of my cerebellum switching itself off.

It’s not just the riding and the learning and the concentration and the work. I am an introvert, and being surrounded by people all day always takes it out of me. This is often quite difficult to explain, and can even sound rude. The fact that after company I need to go and sit quietly in a room is a very peculiar one. It also holds the counter-intuitive element that the more fascinating and charming and delightful the company, the more shattered I am. This is because, among such people, I am so interested and engaged and enthusiastic that all my reserves are emptied, and the needle is firmly on red.

So all I can say now, as the light turns a low amber outside, and the first of the spring birds sing their gentle evening song, is that it was the very crest and peak of a good day. On so many levels that I cannot count the ways.

Today’s pictures:

HorseBack UK:

11 April 1

11 April 2

11 April 3

11 April 4

11 April 4-001

11 April 6

11 April 7

11 April 10

The utterly lovely Archie, putting up with my amateurishness so kindly:

11 April 17

Back at home, Autumn the Filly was doing blinky eyes:

11 April 18

Two Myfanwys today, specially for her top fan (you know who you are):

11 April 19

11 April 20

And Mr Stanley, about whom more stories have been requested. They shall soon be furnished:

11 April 21

And my best beloved, who had a perfectly lovely afternoon getting covered in mud. Almost nothing happier than a perfectly filthy thoroughbred, as spring begins to lend her some warmth and some green shoots of grass:

11 April 23

The hill, still doggedly covered in snow:

11 April 30

So tired that, reading this through, I cannot tell if it makes any sense. I am certainly not offering you any dazzling prose. But there, sometimes a bald, descriptive sentence may be enough, even if it does not sing off the page. Or so I fondly hope.


  1. Thank you for explaining exactly how your reserves are emptied. This has helped me understand myself s little more.

  2. I too am listening to the gentle evening bird song.

  3. Well, I have been missing Myfanwy of late, but since I haven't said anything, you probably don't know that and so there is another big fan out there. But thank you.

    And all best wishes that you aren't sore as the dickens from the western saddle. Cowboys aside, I find 'em uncomfortable until I get used to them, but undoubtedly you are in better shape than I am. ;-)

    Stanley is too charming.


  4. My beautiful vicarious pony! You should know I'm laughing like a loon right now. And good for you tackling Western! The only time I tried English I sobbed when it was finished. (By the way, you are too, too right about needing solitude after company. Am precisely the same--words need stillness to invite them in.)

  5. You sound tired but blissful! nice feeling.

  6. Am also throwing hat in ring as big Myfanwy fan - and as an introvert who experiences the same exhaustion after lots of chat and fun, however lovely it is. Makes me feel sane to know others do too. Horseback sounds wonderful though. It's great that you have got involved, Rachel


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