Friday, 12 April 2013

Too tired to blog

Second day of acting as guinea pig for the UK Coaching Course at HorseBack UK. Even though these are people just learning how to teach, they were all so excellent that they taught me more than they know. On a horse, and off it too.

Just time for one picture, of me and the enchanting Archie, this time being instructed by the absolutely brilliant Scott Meenagh, who was far too polite and encouraging to remark on my frankly peculiar hand position. I’ll get the hang of those Western reins yet.

12 April 1

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  1. This isn't a comment to today's post but I couldn't find your email and I have been wanting to send this to you and today's post in particular - another lovely woman learning to grieve, for her father.

    I'm generally only a lurker here but I read your blog every day, thank you thank you thank you.



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