Monday, 29 April 2013

Time. What time?

Where does the time go? It is half past nine at night and I still have two hours of work to do and I refused a perfectly lovely dinner invitation. I say this not in the spirit of complaint, but of mild self-reproach. I feel such a fool when I have to say no, as if I am a jejune student with an essay crisis. But then I spent the years from 1985 to 1988 in one long essay crisis, so I suppose it is encoded in muscle memory.

At least it was a day of wild production. I did HorseBack work, I met new people, I drove up into the hills and saw a mighty stallion at his crest and peak, I wrote 790 words of book and edited a bunch more. I walked the horse and the dog. (We do this together now, first thing, Red on one side, Stanley on the other; we beat the bounds, and then both equine and canine have a damn good pick of grass and I watch them and laugh and laugh.) I had interesting conversations. I am not sure that at the age of 46 I should be sitting cross-legged in front of the fire, bashing away at my laptop, with The The going at full blast. (In the evenings, I am allowed to write to music, as it is after hours.) I feel as if this is the kind of thing I did when I was eighteen.

But bugger it. Age is just a number.


Some quick pictures:

The duchess, asking where her breakfast is:

29 April 1 2790x2534

No, really, WHERE IS IT?:

29 April 2 3155x2328

HorseBack morning:

29 April 3 4032x2184

29 April 4 3024x4032

29 April 7 3024x4032

29 April 10 4026x1359

29 April 11 4026x2724

No hill; no Stanley the Dog; no Myfanwy the Pony. Although I did have a very nice bet yesterday on a glorious mare called Lady Myfanwy, who absolutely trotted up in a lovely hunter chase at Ludlow. First time since I was ten that I’ve backed a horse purely because of her name. It worked out rather well.

Sharper tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Good grief The The! Not heard since 1986-7. :)
    I love how you are working this evening like a student. I seem to approach every piece of work I get lately like it is an unwelcome homework assignment - there's heavy sighs, procrastination, a lot of snacking, a lot of coffee and 'something else' that needs doing pronto. One day I am going to approach it all like a grown up.

  2. It is so funny, that I do not know you, nevertheless, when I saw this article, I thought, she would like it, so here it is, hope you like it: Kevin Krigger will attempt to become the first black jockey to win the Kentucky Derby since Jimmy Winkfield won the race in 1901 and 1902:

    “My Derby dream is not, I’m going to be the first African-American to win the Derby since 1902,” Mr. Krigger said. “My Derby dream is, I’m going to win the Kentucky Derby. I’m here because I’m a good jockey.”

  3. Thank you for the stone wall; I do like them. But, what are the wooden tubes lying on top?

  4. That time thing... it should get easier with age but it doesn't. Wish I had known about Lady Myfanwy as would be richer this morning... Lovely Red photos - Rachel

  5. I never knew anyone at university who claimed they wrote an essay without a crisis! Do not reproach yourself - I never did, I just thought it was perfectly normal.

    At university I almost always had music playing when I wrote; as the youngest of five daughters I was born into a busy talkative household, in a large stone house next door to a dairy farm, and with a mother who had a penchant for flinging open windows to let out the "stuffiness," so quietness was an unusual state of being. Birdsong, cattle lowing, fies buzzing, background murmurs, and distant TV burbling, always something to soothe the ears. Even exam conditions silence has throat-clearing and paper rustling.

    I don't think anything can be created in a vacuum, and silence for me is an auditory vacuum...


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