Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday in pictures

Fairly serious author’s warning: if you have no interest in watching horses graze, I would look away now.

The really tragic thing is that I could watch them eat grass for hours. The riveting minuet of herd behaviour is endlessly interesting to me. But at the moment, there is just the sheer joy of seeing them with their heads down to the new growth, after months and months of snow and ice. It is beyond anything.

28 April 1 4001x2614

Autumn the Filly takes the opportunity to have a little roll:

28 April 2 4032x3024

28 April 3 3702x2736

28 April 4 1653x749

28 April 5 4020x1954

28 April 6 4032x3024

28 April 8 4002x1984

Mr Stanley, sunbathing:

28 April 10 3024x4032

28 April 11 4032x3024

And bird-watching:

28 April 13 4032x3024

And generally inhaling the spring air:

28 April 14 4032x3024

There are some actual FLOWERS in my garden:

28 April 15 4032x3024

28 April 16 4032x3024

28 April 17 3024x4032

28 April 18 4032x3024

Stan has a nice rest whilst I tackle the ground elder:

28 April 19 3450x2602

28 April 20 4032x3024

Hill, from a different angle than usual, over the dry stone wall and through the trees:

28 April 30 3873x1028


  1. Stanley seems to think spring is blissful! And lovely hellebores (I think?). I've planted hundreds of bulbs in the Army garden while we've been here, most of which I think must have either been eaten by squirrels or have rotted, because there is no sign of most of my hyacinths or tulips this year. So I'm going to branch out, and I think hellebores are going to be my next big thing. And lovely herd - M the P looks so pretty in the first picture yesterday!

    Emily x

  2. Such lovely pictures - they really are a herd now aren't they? And Stanley's blinky eyes! Rachel

  3. You're a good photographer Tanya. Very good. Love all the photos ...

  4. Stanley! Gorgeous pics of all your lovelies.

  5. all so very lovely, but I can't get enough of your Stanley...such a handsome fellow.

  6. stanley's ears in his 2nd pic just crack me up. lovely photos, can almost feel the warmth of the sun!


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