Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A snapshot of a day. On account of there being too much work and too little time.

Too much to do; not enough hours in the day.

But there were 1527 new words written, HorseBack work done, and a joyful ride on the red mare. She is in her high Zen mode, so soft and calm and relaxed it makes me want to shout for joy. Something has changed, and we have gone into a whole new realm of loveliness.

The Sister came to the field this morning, and observed the sweet horse, and she too smiled and smiled, even though she is going through some fairly fraught life changes. For a moment, nothing mattered but the bright sun and the good earth and this enchanting, kind equine.

As I rushed off to do my work, I wound down the window of the car and called: ‘Thank you for admiring my mare.’ That is worth more than diamonds to me.

Meanwhile, Stanley the Dog has his own heavy work-load. He is on full bluebottle patrol. He barks at them, growls at them, leaps about the house trying to catch them, and snaps at them with crocodile jaws. The fuckers will rue the day.

Then, as you can see from the pictures, he is so exhausted he has to flake out in the sun.


Today’s pictures:

My mother asked me to make an arrangement from the garden for the nurses who looked after her so well in hospital. I was quite pleased with them:

22 July 1

Flaked-out Stanley the Dog, after his bluebottle work was done:

22 July 2

Although he woke up the moment he sensed one more:

22 July 4

And then crashed out again:

22 July 4-001

A couple of days ago I was having such an intense conversation with my brother and sister that I let the mare off the rope so she could explore the garden while we talked. I suspect this kind of thing is not in the BHS rulebook:

22 July 5

Hmm. Not sure about that wild rose:

22 July 6

Thanks. Seen enough now. I know you are busy, but you really should think about doing those edges:

22 July 11

And here she is, getting the love from the brother and sister:

22 July 8

Raindrops on the cotinus:

22 July 9

Our glorious blue hills, shimmering in the sun:

22 July 10


  1. You are a Withnail fan. I feel it in my water.

  2. A WITHNAIL QUOTE!! If I did not already love you, I would love you now.

    P.S. My other blog: http://wall-o-withnail.blogspot.com/


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