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Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I must sincerely apologise for the fact that there have been three versions of my friends of Dorothy post up all day.  I did it in a slight rush this morning and then waltzed off to Bath, not noticing the terrible error.  I know all about the shoddy workman and his tools, or in this case the workwoman (workperson?), but I'm afraid I am going to grumble about Posterous again.  It took me three goes to get my post there the way I wanted it, and there is an autopost feature which puts up Posterous items to this blog, and I cannot find a way to make it discretionary.  I have been fiddling around with the options so much that I could not remember whether it was on or off.  When autopost is on, everything goes up here whether I like it or not, in this case THREE TIMES.  I just wish it would ask, that's all, so I could decide what I wanted to do with each post on its merits, rather than having a blanket decision made for me.  Oh, oh, oh I am grinding my teeth. 

I have a horrible feeling that the fault is mine, and I am being fabulously, excessively, embarrassingly stupid, because the whole point about Posterous is that a child of six is supposed to be able to use it, and the fact that I cannot make it do anything I want is just a blatant sign that I am thick as forty-seven planks, which is a slightly demoralising conclusion to come to.

Anyway, whilst I sit in the corner with a big D for Dunce hat on, I offer you a nice little picture of where my cousin and I were today, to distract you from the entire muddle -

Bath railway poster

A charming old travel poster.

Bath by Adrian Pingstone

A lovely shot of the Circus by Adrian Pingstone.

Bath by unknown

A pretty street scene, author unknown.

Roman Baths

And of course, the famous baths, by Andrew Dunn.

(Next time I shall take my own camera.)

And talking of Bath, every year my cousin and I swear we must go to the Christmas market, and every year we never quite make it.  But people say it is perfect heaven and the mulled wine is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Or very good, at least.

Bath Christmas market better

Oh, and I should report that the city is still reverberating with excitement after Nicholas Cage came and turned on the Christmas lights last week.  Apparently, Nicholas Cage adores Bath. The lovely thing is, it loves him right back. The very mention of his name was the only thing that persuaded our rather stern waitress at lunch to smile, and when we brought up the subject in Molton Brown, all the ladies started laughing and smiling.  I don't know why, but I found this rather touching.

Oh, all right, since I seem to be on an entirely whimsical jag at the moment (too much special green soup and child life), here is a parting picture of the lovely Mr Cage turning on the lights -


And making the people of Bath very happy -

People of Bath

(Snaps by Matt Cardy at Getty Images.)


  1. I live near Bath and missed Mr Cage! I really don't quite know how that happened. I was there the day after and everybody, but everybody, asked if I'd seen him. Infuriating.

    Bath is a lovely city, I'm so glad you enjoyed your day there.

    As for Blogspot, have you got time for a coffee or two or even a glass of wine (or bottle) or two? I'm forever getting my knickers in a twist over postings, setting and paragraphs being in wrong places.

    Helena xx

  2. There was the one day I went bonkers trying to get a post published right, and must have re-posted it about five times!

  3. Helena - so sorry you missed the lovely Nicholas. Never saw a city so excited. Would love to have coffee one day but am sadly shooting back to Scotland in a few days. Next trip.

    Kaotic - so glad I am not the only one. Now also am ill, which does not help technical problems at all, as my head feels as if it is filled with mud.

  4. Yikes, doesn't sound fun at all. Take care.


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