Friday, 6 November 2009

On the road again

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

On the road south, so no proper blog today, but you will be glad to know that I saw a rosy dawn rising over the hills near Stonehaven (had to go the long way round since Cairn O'Mount, the high but direct road, has been closed ever since the long rains), and managed to get to Shap before more torrential rain set in.

I am halfway, and shall finish my journey tomorrow. Shall be back on the blog next week.

Until I return I leave you with Sarah's latest blast in The Times:

And some pictures of the dogs, relaxing in their hotel room (notice that I brought their special elegant blankets with them, so they would feel at home):





You know, when people talk about bloggers being self-indulgent, I have absolutely NO idea what they could possibly mean. Ah well, I am tired from the road, and I got up at six so I could make tomato soup in a thermos for my picnic, so I don't have to buy disgusting sandwiches at inflated prices and then feel cross, so you will forgive me one too many dog pictures. Also I hope you will forgive that last extremely inelegant sentence; my brain has gone to mush. Shall stop now before I start committing serious grammatical horrors.

PS. Someone pointed out today that people on Twitter and blogs are very cavalier about revealing their movements, which could be read by any bright burglar. So to all you felons out there I would like to say: my niece is house-sitting while I am in the south, and her boyfriend is six foot FOUR. And trained in tree surgery. And they have a very fierce dog. I'm just saying.


  1. Love your dogs they look so content :)

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  3. I never tire of dog photos. I would be snuggled in between them on the bed, elegant blanket and all.

  4. You are both so very kind and reassuring. I do sometimes worry that I should only be concentrating on the important issues of the day, and not boring everyone senseless with the canines. But they are so pretty and I love them so much.

    We are all three lying on the bed now, with elegant blanket, and I am contemplating getting up at five tomorrow in order to avoid getting stuck in roadworks around Birmingham. The glamour, the glamour.

  5. The important issues of the day are precisely the reason why people need to see some pictures of contented animals. It's practically a public service.

  6. have a lovely trip, tania. love the dogs.

  7. Traveling with dogs! Sublime!
    Hotels here in the states are just beginning to see the light in this area. I mean, really, my dogs are cleaner than any person that might have stayed in the room before me!!

    You are soooo right about Mrs. Dalloway, by the way!! My favourite book in the world!


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